i can not feel the left pulse

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i can not feel the left pulse

Published on 07-03-2021

"Vadim64" - this is their first post.

When taking the left pulse in all 3 sectors can not feel the pulse at all,can you advise which organ is not working what can be done to rectify it

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jul 2021

The pulse is only one of any diagnostic tools that are utilized by a practitioner. Generally, if you cannot feel the pulse in any of the areas on a particular side there is something structural and/or tissue wise in the area (current or old cyst, scar tissue, .etc.). Accordingly, you would not rely on that to make any diagnostic decisions. So, in short, if you are otherwise healthy, don’t over think what you may or may not be feeling and just enjoy your life.

Now if you are saying it is weak in all 3 areas on the left side, then that -may- have some meaning, but it would still be put into context with any actual health issues/symptoms you are having, not as a thing in and of itself if that makes sense.

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