One watery burning eye

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One watery burning eye

Published on 01-21-2010

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I have a patient who suffers from a watery burning left eye. It is wierd because it only occurs in that one eye. I can not figureout the underlying cause. I have achieved some results with her using LI 4, Gb 20, Bl 2, yu yao, st 2 ,LI 20 threaded thru to Bitong but they are only temporary fixes. Watery eye returns 5 days after treatments. Wondered if you ever treated someone with this before and if you have any other points you think I could try. Thanks

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jan 2010

Has the person been checked out by an ophthalmologist? (note, not an optometrist - very important distinction in this case). It could be something as simple as a scratched cornea, which in mild cases could come and go irritation wise. There are also other things from a western perspective - tear duct infection, etc. These generally require antibiotics and will heal quickly.

As the person responds to your treatments, however, it is less likely to be any of these abnormalities. Allergies can cause symptoms like this as can infections and LV imbalances from a TCM perspective. As Tim states above, pattern differentiation is important along with local points for the eye. Some basic patterns and points are in my acupuncture for eye disorders section.

For many eye disorders of this nature, we put primary focus on the nerves going to the eye. So we use needling and tuina as appropriate on points such as huatuo of C3, yintang, SI 16, LI 18, LI 4, taiyang, GB 20, SI 17 - this along with appropriate tcm pattern points and local points. Generally tuina in the sky window and c3 area on the effected side, needling, then more tuina.

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comment by "tim"
on Jan 2010

for me, when i have a treatment that does not fully achieve its goal, i find that i need to address the symptoms again, and through the process of elimination, ascertain why the treatment isnt as effective as it should be

has the patient had an eye scan? this could determine a foriegn body, trauma, or infection

where on the eye is the burning sensation located? this can determine the channel and organ that is affected

does the patient wear glasses? apart from the dysfunction, how is the patients vision? this could determine a liver dysfunction

does the patient have insomnia, tinnitus, or heat signs? this could determine yin deficiency

is the patient diabetic? this could determine an upper, middle, or lower jiao dysfunction

does the patient have headaches and if so, where on the head are they located? this can determine nerve or organ dysfunction

how old is the patient? and is there a family history of the affliction? this can determine a jing dysfunction

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comment by "sashakremer"
on Feb 2010

try sedating B64 and GB38 on the same side. if condition worsens, reverse the needling technique. let us know how it works!

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