Parkinsons for last four years

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Parkinsons for last four years

Published on 03-15-2020

"anon88312" - this is their first post.

My husband has Parkinson’s for last 4 years… no medications as of now. We are trying alternate therapy like Qi gong. What can we do to reduce the tremors in his arms, hands and legs. He is able to do all his work himself. Tremors are mild started with his left hand progressed to left leg after a year and now after 2 years has come to right arm and little bit to his right leg. What bothers him most is toes curling in left foot. Thanks

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Mar 2020

From a Chinese Medicine perspective and from my clinical perspective acupuncture with a practitioner who also practices tuina (Chinese medical massage), tong ren therapy (more on that later), and qi gong if you already know it and have interests in that area will offer the best outcomes.

Our parkinson’s disease section has some general pointers, but as that section alludes to is that from a Chinese Medicine perspective there is a multitude of underlying causal patterns that will be different for each individual so tailoring to the individual, rather than generalized approaches, is critical (for more on that see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”.

There is actually much acupuncture and associated techniques a practitioner can offer and a decent amount of published research to that effect, but it is generally something that you will see a practitioner over a course of months to years for with a variety of intervals depending on the individual.

Our blog section on parkinson’s has some research related articles regarding adjunctive techniques and our tong ren therapy for parkinson’s section has some general pointers for where our primary focus is treatment wise (in conjunction with a host of other tailored points for each individual).

Tong ren therapy is a system of energy healing that my primary teacher developed from decades of clinical experience with primarily “difficult” issues such as cancer, parkinson’s and a host of autoimmune disorders. There are general introductions on our site and you can obtain treatment for free via tong ren station. Qi gong routines such as the tai chi dao yin, eight brocades and/or da peng gong are all good to do depending on the abilities of each individual - our youtube live broadcasts has some non-instructional recordings of live classes we offer that are fairly easy to follow along with.

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