Periodic fever,aphthous stomatitis,pharyngitis and adenitis or cervical adenopathy (PFAPA) syndrom

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Periodic fever,aphthous stomatitis,pharyngitis and adenitis or cervical adenopathy (PFAPA) syndrom

Published on 06-02-2010

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I'm treating a woman (with shiatsu) that asked me to treat her child (female, 4 year old) that's suffers from PFAPA syndrome that includes high fever, pain and wounds in throat, stomach ache and body aches. The etiology of this syndrome is unknown. Doctors gave her steroids for the attacks, and it helps her, but in a week it comes back. The problem is the mother is worried since she give her daughter steroids for a long period and she doesn't know when it will stop (she heard that this syndrome could vanish after the age of 10).

Is there any experience in treating this kind of disease?

Should I see this disease as auto immune/allergy? (I asked what makes the attack worse or what makes them come back again/trigger. The mother said in spring time it's increased)

The mother told me that her child been through a lot of tests and everything seems to be ok.

Thanks for everyone for sharing your knowledge!

Yours, Odelia.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2010

PFAPA syndrome is fairly common and general results in no long-term damage or any delays in growth, etc. during the periods. It may start anywhere between the ages of 2-5 and patients tend to outgrow it within a few years.

From a western perspective it is poorly understood. From a Chinese perspective you need to in part treat what you see constitutionally with the child and then symptomatically. Symptom wise the easiest and most effective way to stop the fevers is the try bloodletting (3 to perhaps 12 small drops) out of erjian and/or LI 1. Constitutionally you would diagnose and treat just like any other patient. Generally there is some disruption in the immune system so, from our system, we also use tuina and/or needling on the huatuo of T1, T2 and T3 (bone marrow, thymus, lung/lymph respectively).

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comment by "odeljah"
on Jun 2010

Thank you very much!

I think I will use the Huatuo. That&#39s the safest. Since the mechanism and etiology of this disease is unknown and in Shiatsu in some cases it&#39s recommanded not to treat patients with failure or issue with the immune system - just not to strengthen the body to attack itself.

Thanks Chad again, your work is appriciated!

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