Phlegm in throat

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Phlegm in throat

Published on 05-09-2012

"karen8869" - this is their first post.

For almost 10 years I have suffered with constant phlegm when swallowing. I am not a smoker. I can't seem to find any relief for this most annoying issue. Sometimes I have trouble talking because the buildup of phlegm is so great, or it often causes my voice to sound raspy and I get short of breath a lot. Can anyone give me some advice on how to treat this problem?

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comment by "archived-user"
on May 2012

There are 2 kinds of phlegm, white colour & yellow(with other) color. White phlegm is cold phlegm, is because of body catch cold energy with spleen deficiency excrete liquid, yellow or dark color phlegm is hot phlegm, is because of body heat, for example, liver fire cook body liquid become phlegm. Phlegm can be in anywhere of body, your condition may lung phlegm go to throat, I encourage you spit out the phlegm and clear your throat by cough, and every morning wake up the first thing is drink a cup of clear warm water and cough phlegm to clear throat, noontime after lunch do the same, every evening before sleep also do the same.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on May 2012

It&#39s always seem strange to me to ask this in the forums, but have you tried acupuncture? The causes of the phlegm are numerous from a Chinese perspective and only someone who can discuss your diet, lifestyle and full medical history will be able to help you. That said, they should be able to help you - it&#39s somewhat of a common problem. But many forms of medicine focus on the symptom side of it and not the cause which is where Chinese Medicine comes from. The one word of advice I can offer, which you may already be doing or be aware of is to heavily avoid dairy, particularly drinking raw milk. You may also want to read the article "My Lungs Are What?" and "My Spleen Is What?" to get some ideas into how these systems are affected by our lifestyles.

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