Points for Amblyopia

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Points for Amblyopia

Published on 03-03-2013

"anon7275" - this is their first post.

Hello. I have Amblyopia on my left eye since I was a child. The eye doesn't have any visual defects rather than it doesn't see very well. The difference between right and left eyes is about 1.0 (right is +0.5, left is -0.5). I am 31 years old now but I'm hoping that acupuncture or self acupressure may help. I'm getting a lot of discomfort in my eyes and forehead when I'm working with computer or reading smal lables or even whatching TV. My eyes getting tired very quicly, they getting red and sensetive to the sunlight. Also my face looks more tired then normally and people ask me if I'm feeling ok . I would really appreciate if somebody can suggest me acupresure points for a self-help to reduce or cure Amblyopia.

Thank you very much. Ksu

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Acupoints: ex taiyang, gb 16, gb 20, lv 3, ub 2

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This is treatable but you should consult directly with a practitioner locally rather than attempt treatment for yourself. The general reasons why are in "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" - where I discuss the differences between treating patterns as they are defined in Chinese Medicine and symptoms as they are defined in Western Medicine.

Generally speaking most eye conditions are related to the liver system in Chinese Medicine - so if you were to do some self massage/acupressure you could use UB 2 and taiyang on the affected eye, GB 16 (both sides), GB 20 (both sides), around C3 (your third cervical vertebrae), and then LV 3 on your feet.

Posted: 03-04-2013

Hello Chad,

Thank you very much for your answer. I&#39ll try thees points for now and I consider to consult with practitioner also if this won&#39t help.Thanks again...

Posted: 03-05-2013

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