Questions about the Master Tung System

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Questions about the Master Tung System

Published on 05-16-2016

"anon230620" - this is their first post.

I just startet learning the master tung system two weeks ago and already
had a few amazing results, painfree IN SECONDS. i love it. i still have
many question:

besides the sima points, what are good tung points for skin problems like itching, eczema, dermatosis psoriases etc?
if there is a skin problem in a specific region can i use points that treat pain in that region?
i am still searching for good tung points to treat stress, anxiety, sleeping problems and that kind of stuff, any ideas?
yesterday i had a patient that completely refused needles. i tried acupressure
(the indicated tung points were sensitive and maybe caused some relief
but not full relieve, maybe i did not stimulate enough). what do you
think about acupressure or moxa on tung points?

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Issues/Symptoms: eczema

Acupoints: gb 31, li 11, lu 7

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I would be surprised if there were catch-all points for any given condition. In TCM you don’t treat eczema for example, you treat the cause (usually damp-heat) and you choose points according. There is no eczema point. I could be wrong but I would assume the same concept applies within the Tung system.

Also just a point that the Tung style is effectively it’s own system. From what little of it I do know there are differences in meridians, zang organs, and some of the diagnostic theory. That being said, I wouldn’t personally be comfortable using points from that system without understanding the theory and application of why I would be using those points in the first place. Hope that helps.

Posted: 05-16-2016

you´re half wrong, half right. on the one hand each tung point has a number of certain indications that it treats, symptoms, conditions and in many cases you don´t need to know the relatet meridian/organ. you just chose one of the points that has the right indication and it works just fine. that´s what makes this system so easy to use. there is a reason why they are also called “dongs magic points”.
on the other hand in some cases (usually the more difficult ones) you need to know the related meridian/organ to chose the right points.

in general knowing the root can help you to chose more effective tung points, but in many cases it isn´t even necessary.

the problem is that certain conditions, like skin or emotional issues are underrepresented in the indications. some say it´s because tung wasn´t frequently seeing these kind of conditions in the area he was working. my hope is that some doctors figuered out tung points that work for these conditions, i´m sure the points exist and work perfectly, in many cases even not knowing the root.

Posted: 05-16-2016

For eczema (and many other skin conditions as well as asthma, etc.) in Master Tung’s system one option is the “four horses” points on the thighs bilaterally - 88.17, 88.18, and 88.19 - found using GB 31 as the reference point. May also be used with points that clear wind-heat such as LU 7 and/or LI 11.

For all the rest of your questions, I would start with something like “”.

Posted: 05-17-2016

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