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Raku or Luo points

Published on 10-31-2018

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Hi, there are certain points used in chronical conditions they correspond on certain points with their corresponding yin or yangmeridian. Is it stronger if you hold both points? For instance Long 7 with Large Intestine 6?

Like to get an answer,


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I’m not sure I understand your question, perhaps you could rephrase adding some details making it less general… And you are asking about acupressure, correct?

At the base of your question, however, is the wrong assumption that acupuncture points are chosen for their individual function rather than their collective function as dictated by the persons diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. I suggest you start by reading - “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” and “acupuncture point selection guidelines”.

Posted: 10-31-2018

Hello Chad,

I am studiying Shiatsu here in the Netherlands and I have to do my final exam November 30. While I am studying questions are popping up.
So indeed it is acupressure. I have a list of Luopoints: Lo 7, Large Intestine 6, Stomac, 40, Spleen 4, Hart 5, Small intestine 7, UB 58, Kidney 4, Pericard 6, Triple heater 5, Galbladder 37 and Liver 5. So nothing to do with a patient I am treating but I was just wondering what happens if you combine f.i. Lo 7 and Large Intestine 6, so the Luo point of the ying and yangmeridian. However I will have a look as well to your suggestions,



Posted: 10-31-2018

Our general yuan and luo points theory page is here. For your specific question, the main answer is that it -always- matters why you are doing something for the patient. In other words, there are limited fixed rules in Chinese Medicine, the entire value of the medicine is the adaptability to the individual patient. So while LU 7 and LI 6 could be used together in certain cases, in others it would be confusing energetically or even outright wrong for others. It is not always stronger, although I can see how it might be perceived that way certainly.

Somewhat more common would be the combination of the yuan source with the luo of the paired meridian. But again, there has to be a precise purpose you are trying to achieve for the individual patient.

Whenever you use a point, or set of points, you yourself need to have in mind a very clear idea of why you are using it. Your physical and intellectual intent is a huge part of the overall success of the treatment. Generally speaking, less random stimulation is the most effective so every single point, every touch has to be carefully considered and only done for a specific purpose for that specific patient. Much of this ability builds slowly over decades of practice and study.

Posted: 11-05-2018

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