Repairing broken Life (digestive system, depression and panic attacks - and loose weight)

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Repairing broken Life (digestive system, depression and panic attacks - and loose weight)

Published on 09-28-2015

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Dear Yin Yang House!
I have a totally broken body and soul. Sorry, I cannot shorten it although I tried hard! I need your precious advice on how to repair it. I am studying auricular acupuncture and this is how I found your amazing ear charts and forum - I already use them, so please give me the key points on the ears so I can treat myself as well. Thank you in advance!
I used to be very thin as a child, teenager and as a mom-to-be. I gave birth to my child at the age of 30. I used to be very fit and healthy than, doing sport almost every day before pregnancy. After birth I lost a lot of weight and became so thin that I was warned by others that I was going to have anorexia. After giving up breastfeeding after 2-3 years (of birth), I gradually started to gain weight. At birth I actually felt that depression took over me …and it was not treated. When my child was 1 year old, I had a serious depression after 9/11, being shocked by the events and couldn’t recover from it. I never started to do sports since then, and having all kinds of family, private problems (I guess due to depression) I gave up somehow. I did not work, I was watching TV, eating, shrinking and stopped going out. When my child was about 8, I got very serious panick attacks - fear of dying, heart palpitation, sweating, muscle cramps, crying, etc. I unfortunately was not helped by my husband, instead he was angry with me for being such a thing. I started to take Rivotril from the phsychologist, who understood that not enough endorphin is being produced in my brain. I have been taken Rivotril for about 8 years now and although I am sure it did a lot of damage to me, I can leave it for few months occasionally, I have to came back to it over and over again when I take it, I feel good and I feel that this must be the way healthy people feel. And this is what I want, too!
I continued gaining weight, especially around my belly. I frequently have sinus problems, I have high blood pressure which comes and goes, my hair became very thin, I see pre-mature aging on my face and I have newly discovered insulin resistance, some gall stones and one kidney stone. I was told to have a chaos in my gut, having candida and not enough of good bacteria. My belly is soft and smaller in the morning and I noticed that after 12-13 as soon as I drink water (and it is basically linked to water and liquids) it gets harder and I have very discomforting feelings. Not really pain but discomfort. I really feel like my belly becomes so big like a balloon. My acupuncture teacher checked my pulse and told me to have problems with my large intestine. I know that I had 5 lung inflammation as an infant before I became 2 years old and I know that many sad symptoms show weak kidneys.
Help me please, I came out of depression, feel much better (I practice Tapping and EFT which helped me a lot) and am ready to heal my life.
Waiting for your help!
Thanking You truly!

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2015

Before I get into a longer reply, do you and/or have you received proper treatment from an acupuncturist in your area? Obviously, this has many advantages rather than trying to treat yourself - even if you are a practitioner… And if you haven’t seen a licensed practitioner for at least a few months, why?

Secondly, when you mention your acupuncture teacher, but then mention you are learning auricular acupuncture? - does this mean you are an acupuncture student who at this point in your multi-year training you are learning auricular acupuncture? or you are studying auricular acupuncture as a non-acupuncturist in the hopes of using, I’m assuming, ear seeds to treat yourself and others?

Finally, when you say EFT and tapping has helped you “a lot” - what does this mean exactly? How much better are you at this point in specific terms? and over what time frame did these changes happen?

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