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TCM - pain behind the patella

Published on 04-13-2012

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hi all.

i was looking for a treatment protocol for general knee problems but could not find one in the conditions section. i consulted the arthritis treatment protocol which i figure is at least partially applicable, but still: do you have any particular recommendations for points that are indicated to treat a minor but nasty pain right behind the patella?

thanks a lot.

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Check knee first, if there is not bend knee pain, pressure pain, swell red, bones or soft tissues injury or knee liquid stasis inside, use the points on both Xiyan & Heding with heat lamp 20 minutes, after needling, use herb wine Tuina five minutes, then put on pian killer patches(Zhi Tong Gao) on both side of knee for about 8 hours.

Posted: 04-15-2012

You were on the right track looking in the acupuncture for arthritis section. Near the bottom of that section there is a part for local points and there is one for the knee there which contains many of the commonly used points. To me the most important and probably underutilized point for the knee is LV 8. The other common points are good - heding, st 35 and xiyan.

Posted: 04-16-2012


How long has the patient had the pain? Are they a runner or consistant exerciser?

Have you or someone with knowledge of orthopaedics checked the knee?

The first half of the equation is definately treating the knee. The second half of the equation, is taking a look at the patients biomechanics, gait, and activities that may be contributing to the condition, and make corrections as needed.

When working with the knee, I like to clear the channels using the jing well points of the ST, SP, and UB meridians (bleeding tech), tupically on the first treatment, or if experiencing intense pain. After bleeding, I use Heding, Xiyan, K10, LR8, GB34, ST36, SP9, and SP10 (if blood stasis or night time pain exists). If necessary I also you kinesio or acu-taping, then schedule the next appt 3 days later, to remove tape and next treatment.

There are a variety of topical jows and plasters that can be utilized, as well as Evergreen herbs has a great formula for Knee and Ankle (Acute and Chroinc formulas).

Posted: 04-18-2012

I usually add contralateral LI-11 if the problem is an excess condition.

Posted: 11-07-2012

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