The "Eat Like A Human" Diet

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The "Eat Like A Human" Diet

Published on 03-31-2018

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I have heard the warning about artificial sweetners. Well they’re man made that’s enough I think. But this is my situation, I am a very controlled diabetic. I take meds stay away from sugar and don’t have to check it. My Hem-A1c is 5.6%. I like oats and have to have it sweetened. I use Splenda and hate doing it. I might use Stevia though it’s been processed too. In this case, IDK maybe honey which is complex sugars would be ok. I use a little Molasses from time to time. White cane sugar is a by product of molasses making IMO. Anyone have any input ? And here’s my question: Is Stevia relatively ok ?

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2018

I think the general idea is to get away from everything having to taste sweet. It’s a process, but ultimately a rewarding and important one to break that mental connection that food has to taste unnaturally sweet.

Generally with oats (that you probably should be cautious of if you are diabetic due to it’s relatively high glycemic index, but that’s a different discussion entirely), you could add in some apple slices, a few raisins, etc. and there will be plenty of sweetness.

Honey is at least a natural option, but obviously with diabetes it has to be used judiciously if at all. Stevia is arguably a reasonable choice, but there are downsides, quality issues, processing issues, etc. that make it a debatable choice.

I think working on re-aligning your taste buds to not need extra, fabricated, sweetness in your meals would be the most appropriate change.

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