Tremor in arm, have lost my point!

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Tremor in arm, have lost my point!

Published on 05-09-2016

"anon113113" - this is their first post.

Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful using an extra point called ‘stop tremor point’ it is near LI10. Problem is I have lost my records and have forgotten the exact location. Has any one else come across this point please?

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Acupoints: ex sishencong, ex xiao chan xue, gv 20, ht 5, ht 6, ht 7

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There is an extra point called Xiao chan xue which is located along the heart channel 1.5 cun below HT 3.

Posted: 05-09-2016

And just to clarify - xiao chan xue translates literally as “stop/disperse tremor point”. It is often used with other heart channel points such at HT 5, HT 6 and/or HT 7 along with other relevant points such as the motor cortex GV 20 or Sishencong, etc. as appropriate.

Posted: 05-10-2016

Thank you Stephen and Chad,
that is really useful, you feel really stupid when you forget a point! I am now going to write it in my ‘Acupuncture bible’ for future use. That was the point I was looking for, I used it once on a lady who had Breast Cancer. After the Chemo, Surgery and Radio Therapy they put her on Herceptin and this produced a bad tremor in her left arm. I used this point to stop the tremor along with points for Internal Wind.

Thanks again

Posted: 05-10-2016

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