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Tx for varicose veins

Published on 06-12-2011

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Hello.....I have been receiving acu txs for quite awhile and it doesn't seem to be helping me with the broken capillaries that I have which keep getting more and more discomforting.

I started to get them when I was 18, started under my diaphrahm region and wrapping around my torso, then to my upper legs, some around my ankles and in my later 20's to the lower legs. I cannot remember the last time I felt I could wear a skirt. The pain is worst when I have my period and my period is sometimes quite painful although this seems to have improved to a point with acupuncture. I am active although I am no fast athlete or anything of the sort. I practice yoga almost daily, both yin and traditional hatha.I also feel compression around my chest area. I have been tx for Qi deficiency, Blood Stasis, Gall Bladder issues and Phlegm misting the heart (this is what I know).

Do you think that perhaps traditional circulatory herbs like cumin or chestnut may be helpful??

Thanks kindly for looking at my case.

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comment by "archived-user"
on Jun 2011

Legs varicose veins is very difficult to cure, the mainly treatment proposal is lift body Qi and active body blood circlation, medicine for example: huang qi, Sheng Ma, Chai Hu, and Tao Ren, Hong hua, niu xi, Chi Shao....

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2011

You don&#39t mention how long/often you have had acupuncture so it is difficult to say whether or not you should be better at this point. Certainly all of your menstrual issues should be quite easy to treat with acupuncture and/or herbal medicine - mostly within a 3-5 month time frame. The blood issues are what we call blood stagnation in Chinese Medicine - for smaller spider veins some practitioners can use a technique called blood letting (not anywhere as bad as it sounds...) to release this. And herbal formulas such as Xiao Yao Wan may aid the movement of blood generally and ease the menstrual symptoms and the pain from stagnation.

If you have been seeing your practitioner for more than 12-15 treatments and you are not better I would recommend that you find another practitioner to work with.

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comment by "I_Danne"
on Jun 2011

Thank you for your involved response. I appreciate it. Yes, I have seen her more than 17 times now. I perhaps ought to consider finding someone else although before finding her, I was having much difficulty finding someone who I could communicate with due to language barriers. I do not speak any Chinese or Korean and just about every TCM I went see in my area could not understand what I was saying. I thought this person that I had found must have been good as I know some women who had success with fertility tx&#39s by her. However, this does not seem an issue for me that I know of. I also have chronic pain down my left arm and around my elbow that hasn&#39t been resolved. I, too, have experienced this off and on since I was about 19 although in the past three years, it seems rather constant. I understand, this too, may be caused my stagnation around the heart/pericardium meridians??

Yeah, I do not have full blown varicose veins, it is definitely purple and red broken capillaries. When I went to the doctor when I was 18. they thought I was rather young to have so many. I really wish that then I could have afforded acupuncture.

As both of you pointed out to me, I will be considering taking something to invigorate the movement of blood.

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