Unconciousness with closed eyes, no speech

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Unconciousness with closed eyes, no speech

Published on 10-02-2008

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hi sir,He is in unconciousness stage in ICU since last saturday(with eyes not yet opened,no speech,no right leg & arm movement,breathing with semi ventilater & all pulse normel)due to bike accident.Dr said that cause is due to light damage in brain nerves.yesterday he moved his eye balls slightly.since he is ICU please tell me what point should be selected to bring him to conciouse stage &open his eyes. urgent .thanking you

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Acupoints: ex yintang, gb 20, gv 16, gv 20, gv 25, gv 26, kd 1, lv 1, si 16, ub 9

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In complicated cases like this it is very difficult to give appropriate point selections without seeing the patient. In general you want to use the needling in areas to reduce the inflammation in the brain. To regain consciousness, some of the following points are often used KD 1, LV 1, GV 25 and GV 26 (probably used most often). The Window of the Sky points are often used as well but you have to be extremely careful with these points in this situation. We often use Qi Gong to help people regain consciousness but explaning how we do that is beyond the scope of a forum post unfortunately.

I would focus on GV 26, which you can needle or use very strong acupressure to achieve the effect. After consciousness is regained and the patient has been stabilized, we would generally use needling and/or tuina as appropriate on the huatuo area of C1 and C2, UB 9, SI 16, GV 20, GV 16, GB 20, and around the area of inflammation/trauma (i.e. the "ashi" or "ouch" point).

Posted: 10-03-2008

Forgot to add, if you prefer please just e-mail me with the answer.

Posted: 10-08-2008

Qi gong with an uncouncious person? I too got a little curious about how that is done. I have been doing a couple of kind of Qi gong exercises for over 20 years but can't see how it could be done on an uncountious person. Are you assisting the patient with arm/leg/body movement as well as the breathing at the same time? The type of qi gong I am practicing (for health preservation) requires some but continous, mainly arm movements. We also integrate some acu-pressure on some of the Qi tonification points on the body - I could see these being done - but both of the set of exercises I perform mainly stress controlled and countious breathing.

Could you please just briefly elaborate on this process?

Posted: 10-08-2008

When we use the term qi gong it is fairly non-specific. There are qi gong exercises that you do for your own health (like Tai Chi, Da Peng Gong, Yi Jin Jing, and hundreds more). Qi gong is also meditation and just simple standing exercises. Then there is medical qi gong, or qi gong for healing. This can be done on yourself or others either in person or at a distance. This also comes in many forms (tong ren therapy - our system, reiki, therapeutic touch, etc.).

In this case I was speaking of using medical qi gong which can be used on people either at a distance or in person conscious or unconscious.

This technique is similar to how you "store" or "direct" energy into the dantien (CV 6 area) during standing meditation. You use your hands, your posture and your intent to direct your energy into the abdomen area. In the same way you can direct energy towards another person for healing purposes. Generally if people are unconscious you need to direct energy into the brain, you can do this by directing towards the "upper dantien" or the acupuncture point yin tang, and also GV 20. In fact all of the points I mentioned for acupuncture could be used with Tong Ren Therapy and, possibly, other forms of medical qi gong. Now, there is a bit more to it when people are fully trained and the more sense you have developed can guide you towards more appropriate points/areas at times, but that is the basic concept.

Posted: 10-09-2008

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