Upper abdominal pain

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Upper abdominal pain

Published on 10-05-2021

"Gobinath_Thevar" - this is their first post.

Two years ago, contracted Salmonella, then acquired h pylori and then developed candida (treated with antibiotics and anti fungal). Presently now diagnosed with pancreatitis (cause unknown although one doctor suspects small bile obstruction… I have no gallbladder). I am elderly woman and suffer from severe upper abdominal pain every morning from 1 am - 8 am, including daily leg muscle pain, especially right leg, and high tinnitus. This completely negatively controls my life. Can you offer me your thoughts on this? Would very much appreciate- no answers can be found anywhere.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Oct 2021

This is a good set of interwoven issues that requires seeing a practitioner and working with them for at least 3 months. Between acupuncture and herbal approaches a practitioner should be able to help you but treatment needs to be tailored directly to you and not generically chosen (hence the need to see someone locally).

I suggest you find an acupuncturist (who also practices Chinese herbal medicine ideally) in your area and plan to see them weekly for at least 3-5 visits and then likely less often for at least a couple months after that.

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comment by "Gobinath_Thevar"
on Oct 2021

Much appreciation. Thank you.

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