Varicocele grade 3

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Varicocele grade 3

Published on 04-03-2020

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Hi I would like to know, as a shiatsu student that is still learning, how to help a young man (29yo) suffering of Varicocele grade 3, now still really painful. The solution from western doctor was of course surgery. At the moment due to the COVID19 situation is not possible to see any specialist so I would like to know if I can help somehow this person.
Can acupressure and/or acupuncture help with it? Are there some specific makko-ho exercises that could help relieve the pain?
I read about that this problem is caused from and unbalance of Qi in the lungs and kidneys, I would like to hear your opinion about it.
thank you for who will give me some input

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Acupoints: lv 3, lv 8, lv 12, sp 11

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Acupuncture from a fully licensed practitioner can certainly be helpful. Shiatsu/acupressure would be somewhat limited, although you may get some degree of relief from points such as LV 12, SP 11, LV 8 and LV 3. The person could perform acupressure multiple times day on themselves.

Surgery may be necessary, but personally I would give an acupuncturist 4-7 treatments along with daily work on the above points and see what can be accomplished.

Posted: 04-03-2020

I thought that, I will give this advise and see if we can reach somewhere with an acupuncturist later on, thank you so much Chad

Posted: 04-03-2020

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