what does it look like to heal from a mild stroke?!

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what does it look like to heal from a mild stroke?!

Published on 05-08-2019

"anon147005" - this is their first post.

hello everyone, I am new here, I am 37 y.o. single with no kids. 174 cm, 70 kgs, ex smoker, ex vegan and ex catch wrestler. I got a stroke and an internal carotid artery stenosis (90% and now 50%) six months ago. it is my first stroke and hopefully the last one. I am on plavix 75 and I am experiencing very tough times lately. I picked up some supplements such as l-arginine for endothelial health, sea buckthorn oil mixed with some Chinese herbs extracts altogether as sofgels, and got some nootropics including cognizin citicoline and Pycnogenol and other 9 ingredients altogether in a stack. I am having tough times and I haven’t been to word for almost 6 months so far, and I am still looking for some good herbal recovery formula for myself. yeah , I am experiencing some fullness in the chest, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and pain just under and behind my right ear, and I think this has something to do with the carotid artery stenosis somehow! so I don’t know how it feels like when someone is really recovering from a stroke, any information from your end would be highly appreciated!

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on May 2019

In my opinion, both from my own clinical experience, but also based in published research, your best overall outcomes in stroke recovery are going to be from acupuncture treatments done by a licensed professional acupuncturist, not through a variety of herbal formulas. There is certainly a potential role for Chinese herbal medicine but it has to be completely tailored to you as an individual not based on the symptoms (see “how to choose a formula” for basics on that). It would also be a secondary role compared to the acupuncture. Generally speaking you would be looking at weekly treatments for 7-10 visits and then probably bi-weekly or monthly for awhile after that depending on both how you respond and how appropriate properly tailored herbal medicine might be in your case. It’s much easier to arrive at the correct herbal approach if you have a practitioner who is fully familiar with your medical history and who has the opportunity to physically inspect you.

All that said, generally speaking, stroke recovery and dealing with the contributing factors is commonly dealt with in Chinese Medicine (possibly with some western medicine as well in many cases). The functional aspects of stroke recovery in particular tend to resolve extremely well with proper acupuncture. Our theory site has a section of stroke treatment with some clinical pointers and our blog has a stroke section with some articles relevant to the Chinese Medicine treatment of stroke.

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