What does Local Point mean under point clinical uses?

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What does Local Point mean under point clinical uses?

Published on 09-12-2016

"anon177286" - this is their first post.

Just wondering what Local Point means, and why some of the descriptions for what each point is helpful for only state Local Point.

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Acupoints: ht 1, st 36, ub 2

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A local point is used to treat local problems (and technically all points are local points). So for example, UB 2 would be a local point for eye and sinus issues. Some points have more functionality than others. Points with minimal functionality often are only used as local points. UB 2 for example is most often considered to be a local point because it doesn’t seem to have much clinical effect for treating other kinds of conditions. Whereas a point like ST 36 can be a local point for knee pain, but is also used for many other clinical conditions.

Posted: 09-12-2016

Under the clinical uses tab for some of the meridian points( noticed it a lot in GB and Liv) the website just says Local Point, but doesn’t give a description of what that point actually helps with. So what would that mean then?

Posted: 09-13-2016

The function of a local point will depend on where it is located and what is located under the point. So for example if you have swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, HT 1 could be a local point. Or if you have frozen shoulder, HT 1 could be a local point for that. If you have a sore muscle, whatever points are located on that muscle could be used as local points. If you have stomach pains whatever points are close to where the pain is could be used as local points. Hope that helps.

Posted: 09-13-2016

In addition to what Stephen has posted, local points on our site at least, generally means they are not used enough to have a lot of clinical information listed there - could be read in many cases as “not important” point. We are in the process of going back through and adding some more detail for most of these, but time is limited for this type of work and clinically it doesn’t have as much value as other writings or updates to the site that we want to add.

Posted: 09-13-2016

Ok, thank you so much for clearing that up for me. Much appreciated!

Posted: 09-14-2016

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