What is zhu li da tan wan used for?

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What is zhu li da tan wan used for?

Published on 08-29-2021

"anon103687" - this is their first post.

I see a TCM and recently I have been having sleep issues and constipation, I do not enter a restful state of sleep and wake up every few hours. She also prescribed Si ni San wan and I do underStand what that is used for, and I see that in some cases it is even used for insomnia. But I’m confused about the zhu li tan wan… anybody on here familiar with the formula? Thanks.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Aug 2021

The clinical indications of any formula will only scratch the surface of the potential usages, particularly when combined with other formulas. So, ultimately, the best person to ask is the prescribing practitioner.

In general, I’m assuming it is zhu li da tan wan you were given - which is generally to resolve what we term phlegm from qi deficiency (which can lead to restlessness, etc.). The base of the formula is liu ju zi wan (which has many modifications). In this case, zhu li (dried bamboo sap) and sheng jiang zhi (ginger) are added to increase the qi tonification and phlem resolving functions of the base formula.

So together they would strengthen the digestive processes and help to move the energy of the body. All of which can generally have a calming effect to the system and allow sleep to come about more naturally. There are of course many approaches to insomnia, and it is likely that the herbs you are given will change over time as your condition improves/changes. Treatment is often more of a dynamic process than the way western medicines are used. The overall goal is not to just aid the situation, but to resolve the deeper factors in a way that reduces the chance of the same issues arising again.

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