Japanese blend for hallucinations in Lewy Bodies Dementia

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Japanese blend for hallucinations in Lewy Bodies Dementia

Published on 06-02-2024

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I have successfully been using Yokukansankachimpi (7grams daily-4 tablets 3x daily) to treat the hallucinations associated with Lewy Bodies Dementia  since the beginning of February. 
The blend was effective within 2 days first lessening the horror off the hallucinations, then disappearing then or making them benign. 
After 3 months, the hallucinations are back. Not in their fury, but enough to interrupt REM sleep. 
i stopped then for 2 weeks and the horrorific hallucinations returned. 
i restarted them at the same dosage and again relief was given. 
My question is wondering if a tolerance develops? Do you have recommendations on a rest period ? Or any thoughts based on your experience that might help guide me. 
There is no support from Western medicine. To assist in REM sleep they only prescribe antipsychotics. 
i also tried an equivalent Chinese combination, it did not have the efficacy of the Japanesr blend. 
Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2024

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a clear answer to offer.  There just are not enough studies looking at these types of relationships.  Further, on an individual basis, it's hard in such a relatively short time-frame particularly to know if the lack of observable change from the herbs was related to a type of "tolerance" or a change in the "severity" of the condition itself.

While working directly with a practitioner can offer some benefits as far as tweaking the formula from time to time in an educated way - guided, of course, by the responses you have - it is still often "guesswork" on the side of the patient.  This is even more so with conditions that don't have a defined resolution like a cold or flu for example.  I would recommend, if at all possible, to work directly with a practitioner whom you can visit in person (ideally) or online if necessary.

Along that line, many individuals end up using formulas because they are shown in research, etc. to be "good" for "x" condition - and while this may work from time to time, it generally yields poorer results when the formula is not based on your diagnosis in the terms of Chinese Medicine.  This is a longer discussion than I can do here but it comes down to some of the herbs having effects regardless for "x" condition (or at least aspects of certain herbs having an effect) but the formula as a whole not being entirely correct for the individual due to their systemic diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms - ie blood deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, etc.  This is where a practitioner will be able to tailor certain formulas to you and keep tailoring them over time if need be as your symptoms and underlying causative factors change.

If you have no one to work with, however, and you are getting results - I would consider lowering the dose and/or not using daily and see if you can maintain the result with minimal input - that may lower the chances of a wavering response/tolerance.  It may not, of course, but that is generally where I try to start with patients.

So maybe same dose but every other day and see if you get a result and if it maintains longer - then maybe even lower dose and every 3rd day, etc. - finding the minimal input that still provides a change. 




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