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Help, please as kind of emergency (12/2021)

Last night after 1 h of sleep I awaken sweating. When got up felt dizzy and unbalanced a bit. Check BS -129, never ever had as high. I also vomited (once). Laid down breathing, but wasn’t able fall asleep, with...

Sleepless nights after electroacupuncture (12/2021)

I’m an advocate of alternative medicine. Therefore when I have had a sleep problem, sometimes couldn’t fall asleep for a few hours, sometimes awaken after 4 hours of sleeping, I have decided to find an experienced TCM practitioner and took...

How to lower/cure high lipase serum (12/2021)

Since May 2016 I have had high lipase serum without any pain. My test result from May 113, lab’s reference 13-60. Repeated test in Dec. 2016 even higher - 132. Ultrasound of abdomen is fine, MRI shows slightly enlarged liver,...

Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto? (12/2021)

Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto? Appreciate others experience. Thank you. Danuta

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Help, please as kind of emergency (5/2017)

Hello there. I truly appreciate your reply, grateful that you did it. Yes, I have studied a book on mag, and I take mag citrate each evening with vit.B6 for better absorption. I also have started lately to add a...

Help, please as kind of emergency (5/2017)

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, it is A vertigo -BPPV. The first episode I experience almost a year ago, it was quite severe, was diagnosed online by an experienced neurologist (a family friend), and Epley maneuver helped....

Sleepless nights after electroacupuncture (3/2017)

Hi Stephen, Good for you that you don’t use that. It made me really worse. And it has been done by a Chinese MD who practices for over 20 years. This is an example that the most important to chose...

Sleepless nights after electroacupuncture (3/2017)

Thank you Chad for taking time and respond to me. Yes, next sleepless night, and blood sugar elevated, today’s FBS 120, I was able to keep it at middle 90 only with low carbs diet. You right I have being...

How to lower/cure high lipase serum (2/2017)

Thank you Chad for your reply. I appreciate your suggestions, and going to find an experienced In TCM acupuncturist. Best regards. Danuta

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