Herbs That Extinguish Wind And Stop Tremors

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Extinguish Wind And Stop Tremors - Herbal Functional Grouping (9 herbs)

Herbs That Extinguish Wind And Stop Tremors General Introduction
  • For internal wind.
  • Results from liver and kidney imbalances - yin deficiency, ascendant liver yang, blood deficiency, high fevers.
  • Symptoms: headache, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, irritability, vomiting, palpitations with anxiety, muscle twitches.
Herbs That Extinguish Wind And Stop Tremors Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Gou Teng, Tian Ma
  • - similar, headache, dizziness, vertigo, often used together.
    • Gou Teng - sweet, cold - heat-induced wind.
    • Tian Ma - sweet, warm, dry - wind-cold accompanied by phlegm-dampness.
  • Gou Teng, Ling Yang Jiao - calm the liver and extinguish wind - tremors, convulsions due to intense heat, often used together.
    • Ling Yang Jiao - enters the blood level and relieves toxicity.
    • Gou Teng - qi-level herb, clears and drains, good for problems secondary to externally contracted wind-heat.
  • Di Long - spasms and convulsions from heat, wheezing and painful obstruction.
  • Shi Jue Ming, Bai Ji Li - focus on the liver.
  • Quan Xie, Jiang Can, Wu Gong - dispel wind, stops spasms, often used together.
    • Wu Gong (most intense) - acrid, warm, good for wind-cold, topically used for swellings.
    • Jiang Can - phlegm heat.
    • Quan Xie - acrid and neutral, cases involving heat.

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