Herbs That Transform Phlegm Cold

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Transform Phlegm Cold - Herbal Functional Grouping (9 herbs)
Herbs That Transform Phlegm Cold General Introduction
  • For phlegm-cold or phlegm-dampness patterns.
  • Most of these herbs are quite strong and many are toxic.
Herbs That Transform Phlegm Cold Section Summary / Study Notes
  • For wind stroke and epilepsy where wind-phlegm, vomiting, vertigo, and dizziness are present - two are used together.
    • Ban Xia - acrid and dispersing, most effective in treating damp-phlegm in the spleen and stomach.
    • Tian Nan Xing - acrid and dry, for wind-phlegm or damp-phlegm in the channels.
  • Zao Jiao - warm, effective for dispelling phlegm, strongly opens up the orifices - good for wind stroke and for aiding in the progress of abscesses and other supporative lesions.

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