Acupuncture for Lung and Respiratory Related Issues

General Approaches

Acupuncture For Lung And Respiratory Related Issues

Acupuncture treatment protocols are generally directed towards the deeper root of a persons set of health issues, not at each individual issue. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, treatment is generally directed towards the individuals diagnostic pattern(s) and their primary issue is only a part of the information required to approach the correct patterns to treat (see "treating the cause vs. the symptoms" for an introduction to this process.).

In designing an acupuncture protocol for lung problems, one might find one or a combination of the following patterns: lung qi deficiency, lung wind invasion - wind cold, lung wind invasion - wind heat among many other possibilities and possible combinations.

The lung meridian is used clinically for a broad range of respiratory disorders. Below are some of the more common clinical indications for points along the meridian.

  • LU 11 - High fever.
  • LU 10 - LU heat, not as strong as LU 11.
  • LU 9 - Tonify LU Qi, scatter cold/stop cough.
  • LU 7 - Circulate and Descend the LU Qi, combine with KD 6 (Yin Qiao/Ren Mai) to nourish KD/LU Yin.
  • LU 6 - Xi-Cleft point, acute severe disorders, acute asthma, coughing Blood.
  • LU 5 - Disperse & Descend LU Qi, good for conditions in the chest, whereas LU 7 is better for conditions up higher in the body.
  • LU 3 - Emotional issues, sadness a/or grief.
  • LU 1 - Move LU channel, nourish yin, resolve excess in the chest.

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