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"Kbw123". They joined us in 2023.

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damaged intestinal lining (11/2023)

Hi dear community Organizer. Can you please elaborate acupuncture/acupressure points for damaged intestinal lining or gut ( mainly caused by prolonged antibiotics intake). Will be highly obliged.

Liver qi stagnation (8/2023)

Hi dear admin. Your team is working so well on this forum. Can you please elaborate, what is main point to get rid of liver qi stagnation. Liv3 is not working well for that. So what else can be used...

Some disharmonies has been removed (8/2023)

Hi dear community organizer. Some organ disharmonies has been removed. Like large intestine disharmonies and gall bladder disharmonies Please re add this in details like other disharmonies are there. It was v beneficial before. LI and GB disharmonies are not...

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Liver qi stagnation (8/2023)

V helpful and detailed view. But I have also noticed gall bladder problem. On this website, detailed gall bladder disharmonies were given. But now this section has been removed, like liver , stomach etc disharmonies are there, but not for...

Liver qi stagnation (8/2023)

Using accupressure, most of the time this works. This time feeling extreme right side distention near to liver, and sitting on hard place makes anus burning.

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