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This school started off well.  But there were alot of changes in staff and faculty in 2018-19 and the quality of education took a serious downturn.  The tuition is expensive but many instructors teaching is at high school level at best.  Many have never successfully run their own practices.  The herbs program is well taught but could have been more hands on than lecture.  Clinics were good practice but no supervisor ever challenged the thought processes behind why we had a particular diagnosis.  No treatment plan strategies were ever taught.  The school Is run by a person who comes from western medicine.  While integration is a good thing, how they handled Covid was more fear based than in the belief of what Eastern medicine can offer.   There was also vax shaming.  Very disappointing.  It should have been an opportunity to shine instead of cower and hide.  I do not believe this school should be in the top 10 acupuncture schools anymore. Maybe it can rank at 18.  

submitted by "OKAcudoc22"

Student/Alumni Highlight


"anon96014" is an acupuncturist With schooling from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. They joined us in 2023.

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