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Highlighted Review

Bridgeport U, School of Naturopathic Medicine (1997-2022) provideed valuable experiences for me and student interns where we had prepared in a 4 year rigourous and thorough training for being a naturopathic physician.  My studies and training led me to be experts in patient-centered care focused on disease prevention and optimization of health throughout the life span. The naturopathic clinic "served the community, providing high-quality healthcare at low cost. These services have also been available at a number of free community clinics for those who had no ability to pay for healthcare." ( Both professors and supervising physicians were well knowledgable and hands on with our academics and training.  Throughout the years I experinced top notched and valuable lessons and graduated with 100% confidence to serve my community as a physician! It is so sad to have see this school and clinic closed in May 2022.

submitted by "Nat MedDoc CJZ"

Student/Alumni Highlight

"Nat MedDoc CJZ"

"Nat MedDoc CJZ" is a complementary medicine provider from United States of America. With schooling from the University of Bridgeport. They joined us in 2022.

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