Acupuncture effective for cancer patients with persistent hiccups

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Acupuncture effective for cancer patients with persistent hiccups

Published on 06-30-2010

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A team of researchers from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland recently performed a small study looking at the effectiveness of acupuncture for persistent hiccups in cancer patients.  There has been many studies recently looking at the benefits of acupuncture for cancer patients.  They have ranged from aiding with pain, nausea, quality of life now through to a common issue persistent hiccups.


Using 16 cancer patients ranging from 27-71 this study found that 13 of the patients experienced complete remission of symptoms while another 3 had dramatic decreases.  Treatments were performed 1-3 times over a 7 day period.  Positive changes were also noted in fatigue and discomfort levels overall.

This study again helps to illustrate the role that acupuncture can play in cancer care.

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