Basic Theory of Tong Ren Therapy by Tom Tam

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Basic Theory of Tong Ren Therapy by Tom Tam

Published on 05-19-2008

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The following article covers the basic theory behind Tong Ren Therapy.  It was written by the founder of the system, Master Tom Tam.  There are other articles on this site, both technical and general, regarding Tong Ren and the underlying Tom Tam Healing System.  This is a good general introduction to the healing system.

For any healing system, there has to be a supporting theory, no matter where the theory comes from or whether it makes sense. The theory of the collective unconscious is the basis for Tong Ren Therapy. Without proof all theories are merely conjecture. Proof may be found in research or empirical data. Tong Ren has not been proven by any expert research. This type of research involves financial support, political support, development of modern science, and case studies by a qualified practitioner. The proof for all of my theories is only through the experience and results of my patients and myself. Of course I have no doubt that Tong Ren Therapy works. No one can deny the work we have done or the results we have achieved or argue about it.

With everything we have done, people like to know the theory behind the truth and its philosophy. Yet, many things are still a puzzle. As with much of Western healing theories, no one can be sure why they work. For example, how many billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and yet, has anyone found out why cancer occurs? We know so little from this extensive quest, but we still use the "Big Three" treatments -- surgery, chemotherapy and radiation -- to kill the cancer cells. Their effectiveness has been disappointing, but we look ahead with hope. In my practice, it is easy to reduce the suffering in some cancer cases with Chi Gong and Tong Ren Therapy. Yet, some tell me that if they do not understand the theory of Chi Gong and Tong Ren healing, they would rather die, and they refuse to try my healing modality. This is very surprising to me. I can tell them honestly that I do not know the true theory of Chi Gong and Tong Ren healing, but I do know the method and I have the ability to relieve the symptoms. In some cases, the tumor immediately disappears or becomes smaller. Interestingly, most cancer patients are not knowledgeable about chemotherapy, but they are willing to try it because they have faith in Western medicine. Ask a doctor or someone who already received chemotherapy treatments one simple question: who developed chemotherapy originally?

In religion we have faith healing. This theory is the belief in God. Many people laugh at and deny faith healing. These people have closed minds; but if they do some research, there can be no denial. Maybe the healing rate is low. Maybe their philosophy cannot be agreed upon and accepted. However, the truth is that faith healing works; scorn cannot stop people from using this approach. In fact, since the beginning of human history each nation and religion has had its own methods for healing. Religious and mystical healing has its own way to bring energy to heal patients. No matter what people name the energy, I believe it is the same. This is similar to Chi Gong healing. There is a name and technique for each style of Chi Gong to describe more or less the same thing.

Tong Ren healing is not affiliated with any religion, nor should it be viewed as a mystery. My belief in Tong Ren healing is associated with the philosophy of the collective unconscious and the power of the mind. Many people accept the idea that there is an unconscious and that the mind is powerful. These philosophical views can be found in many books. When a group comes together to form a collective unconscious, as in healing meditation, this collective mind can become healing power. A leader is required for this type of healing power. When we form a group with a collective unconscious mind, we need a, just as a computer needs a font to show a letter on a monitor.

In Tong Ren Therapy we use a regular plastic acupuncture model to form the healing image. The acupuncture model becomes an energetic representation of the patient's body. By placing the needles in the appropriate spots on the model and connecting the mind with our collective unconscious, the practitioner can give a patient a treatment. A connection between the therapist and the patient is formed. This connection can be modified by the energetic representation of the acupuncture model. Just as light shining through a slide will display an image, the Chi directed to the patient is modified by the image of the acupuncture model with needles inserted at specific points. The pattern of needles and the points selected are the same as the acupuncturist would use if inserting the needles into the patient's body. Both inserting needles in the model and in the patient's body are means to balance the patient's Chi. The difference, of course, is that when the model is used the patient can be treated over long distance. This is similar to some Japanese acupuncture methods in which the needle is just touched to the skin but not inserted. Because Chi and the collective unconscious are not limited by space; the only thing is to establish a connection. The healing power is not from the acupuncture model--it is from our mind, and this mind transforms into a healing force. This healing energy we call Chi. In the human body, Chi has its own way to circulate. We must regulate the Chi and make it run on its track. This is the same theory that a Chi Gong master uses to make Chi circulate in a patient's body.

There are more than a thousand different Chi Gong healing systems in China. For each system, there are a certain way and certain techniques in the use of Chi for healing purposes. In Tong Ren healing, we have our own techniques. The points used on the model are mostly on the meridians of TCM. We choose the points for Tong Ren treatments from the Tom Tam Healing System, which is based on TCM and results from my new research. When we practice Tong Ren healing, we must follow a standardized method. In the future when more people repeatedly use this same method, it will become more powerful. In this way our collective unconscious intent and experience continuously increases the strength of Tong Ren Therapy. In my practice, I can clearly affirm that the more I practice Tong Ren, the easier it becomes to see positive healing results.

The purpose of this healing modality is to help balance one's Chi circulation. This balance is good for anyone and does not cause any harm. If anyone ever tries to use this technique to harm someone, it will not work. To harm someone is not a part of the philosophy of Tong Ren Therapy. It is neither a part of our collective unconscious intent. If any of the practitioners try to harm someone with Tong Ren, they will end up harming themselves. A healer is one who tries to help someone heal. Hurting people is against the healer's consciousness. When someone wants to learn Tong Ren healing, they must purify the mind towards helping the sick and hopeless heal.

From the point of view of karmic theory, we could say that if patients believe in the efficacy of Tong Ren, they are collectively creating a karmic field or mental (mind) imprint for this approach to manifest healing. The more people who believe in and are open to Tong Ren, the more powerful Tong Ren becomes. Furthermore, the more this modality is practiced, the more potent it becomes. This is in accord with the Buddhist understanding of mental (mind) imprinting because all ideas are collected in the subconscious and become more powerful with the passage of time. Furthermore, Buddhist theory states that all things manifest in our environment because of the imprints we have created in our subconscious mind. Therefore, we could say Tong Ren healing is possible because we have planted seeds in our subconscious and created a prior manifestation. Moreover, Buddhist and other Eastern systems believe that all manifestations come from the mind, and within this understanding, we can acknowledge that the body itself can be healed if we create the imprint for the healing to happen in the subconscious mind. (In these systems,)according to this belief, the body is the mind at a lower vibration frequency. The body is a creation or projection of the mind.

When we form a collective unconscious intent and force, and translate it towards a healing power, this power has the highest quality. When we put people into the Chi Gong state, the Chi automatically knows how to balance the Chi in the body. Our mind cannot change the healing path of the Chi.

There is a famous research story in the Western world called The Hundredth Monkey. Scientists studied the behavior of monkeys inhabiting a group of islands. One day a monkey on one island was spotted going to the ocean to clean mud off a piece of food. This was the first time the scientists had observed such behavior. Their excitement increased when scientists from the next island reported that the monkeys on their island had begun to adopt the same action. Although there was no contact between the two groups of monkeys, in a short time, both groups had developed the same behavior, a transfer of knowledge without direct contact. One could speculate that this was mere coincidence, yet it would seem more likely that this was a tangible example of a collective unconscious at work. I believe that in learning the best thing is, "Monkey see, monkey do." Now it seems even if they do not see, they can do.

Perhaps as more people practice Tong Ren, eventually Tong Ren will be practiced in the whole world. Hypnotic suggestion and guided meditation are practiced in the Western world. Tong Ren Therapy is beyond the power of suggestion since we can produce healing effects on babies and animals. This means that Tong Ren Therapy does not need the use of language to influence the patient. It is a transfer of Chi, healing and knowledge without any guided thought or the use of the power of suggestion. If a group of Tong Ren therapists perform Tong Ren Therapy, they can gather more Chi to affect another group of Tong Ren therapists. In this way the healing power of the whole group of Tong Ren therapists keeps growing. Many Tong Ren practitioners realize that every few months the effectiveness of their healing increases. This is because each day, as more people practice Tong Ren, the healing power keeps growing within the collective unconscious. As more patients come to believe in the healing power of Tong Ren, this further increases the healing power of the collective unconscious.

To date, many people still do not believe that acupuncture, a physical and mechanical stimulation technique, is effective in healing many diseases. The same acupuncture points as in acupuncture are used in Tong Ren healing, but with Tong Ren, there is no need for actual physical stimulation. Tong Ren is a modality using the power of the mind or psychophysical healing, this causes many people to doubt and deny it, and have arguments about its theory and challenge its healing results.

Recent medical studies have proven the power of the mind in the healing process. These studies use a placebo in order to arrive at this conclusion. Sugar pills can trigger healing without any chemical effects. Indeed, many of the reports show that sugar pills are often more effective than chemical medicine or even surgery in certain research studies. If the mind proves to be a power to heal diseases, the question is: what form of the mind promotes the healing of illness? The mind is a form of brainwave. If we can discover the form of this brainwave, we can access the healing state. The mind can react to the sensory organs, as light or the reflection of an image reacts through eyesight, sound or noise through hearing, smell from the nose, taste from the mouth, and touch, temperature from the skin. Besides mechanical or physical stimulation, brainwave communication can also affect the state of the mind.

In 1656, while working on the design of the pendulum clock, a Dutch scientist called Christian Huygens found that if he placed two unsynchronized clocks side by side on a wall, the two clocks would later slowly synchronize to each other. This same concept, known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR), is a natural occurring phenomenon in the human brain. The human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of the dominant external stimuli applied to it.

Scientific studies have shown that one brainwave can affect others. This is called brainwave entrainment or brain frequency entrainment. In nature, birds, fishes and all animals have the capacity for brainwave entrainment. When a group of birds are flying, all the birds follow the leader. When we look at a school of fish swimming, all the fish follow a leader too. The point (pilot?) bird and pilot fish do not need to make any sound or physical signal for others to follow. Their guiding signal is the brainwave. Brainwave entrainment triggers a frequency following response. According to scientific studies, a mother's brainwave entrainment can alter a baby's heartbeat and brainwave. When two women live together, it may change their menstrual cycle, manifesting the effect on the hormone levels. In Tong Ren healing, we believe that the mind of the therapist can change that of the patient's, plus the patient's physical condition.

Basically the brainwave contains two important aspects; one is brainwave frequency, which consists of four categories: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. The other pertains to the type of signal from each organ. In the case of a radio wave it includes the radio wave frequency and the content of sound signal, as exhibited by speech or music. When we pick up the correct frequency with the radio, we can connect with the radio station to receive its audio signals.

Brainwave entrainment operates with two different signals: one signal initiates from outside of the human body and the other signal emanates internally. In Chi Gong healing, patients can receive the Chi from the Chi Gong healer, and the patient also can guide his or her own Chi circulation within the body. In Tong Ren healing, we follow the same theory; the Tong Ren healer can send the brainwave to the patient for healing, and the patient can guide his or her own brainwave for self-healing as well.

When the brainwave is active, its electromagnetic field is active. The electromagnetic field is one type of energy in the universe. It is also a signal. Radio waves belong to the electromagnetic field. The concept of brainwave entrainment has the same theory as the television remote control, which uses electromagnetic energy. In the case of a television remote control, we must set up the code for each function. When we push the right button, the television functions correctly. Each human being or animal has the signal or code for healing. Each organ of a being carries a different code and frequency. When we find the right code, we can make the organ function normally. According to acupuncture research, when a nerve around the acupuncture point has been anaesthetized (anaesthetisia), acupuncture does not work because the signal cannot pass through to the brain. If we can send the healing signal or code directly to the brain, it may help the healing progress.

Birds, fishes and all animals have the brainwave entrainment reaction. In the modern world, almost every piece of electronic equipment comes with a wireless or remote control. The brainwave entrainment of a being, or in the case of an electronic product, remote control or wireless access, all come from an electrical magnetic function. Yet, in practice, many scientists or experts still doubt whether a human being has brainwave entrainment ability that can be used for healing. So far the popular brainwave entrainment technique is to use music or light for healing.

In the study of psychology, there is something called the ideomotor effect in which the mind can cause the subject to move. The ideomotor effect is an unconscious psychological phenomenon. It is without conscious awareness, wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. If the mind can make a subject move or react, it means that the mind can also move the energy or Chi in the body. Automatic writing, dowsing, facilitated communication, and Ouija boards have also been attributed to the ideomotor effect. Some scientists use the ideomotor effect theory to explain Chi Gong healing and Chi Gong itself. Tong Ren Healing is not affiliated to any religious belief, or any mysticism or superstition. Tong Ren Healing has never attributed this motion to paranormal or supernatural force. Ideomotor effect is an ability a human is born with; it is instinctive.

In the practice of Tong Ren, when we put needles into the doll or bang the doll with a hammer on the acupuncture points, the image of the points with regard to location will result in memory stored in the subconscious area of the brain. By studying the healing function of the acupuncture points, the healing function of the acupuncture points will be stored in the healer's mind as memory. When practicing Tong Ren, the Tong Ren therapist's mind already carries the signal of the location and the function of the points for healing. During a Tong Ren session, the practitioner's brainwave which carries the healing signal will entrain the patient's mind. In this brainwave entrainment, the same happens as in the case of a television remote control functioning. If we send the right signal, the patient will make progress in their healing. If we send the wrong signal from our brains, the patient will not have any reaction. However, the wrong signal will not cause any dangerous or harmful side effects.

Brainwave entrainment requires brainwaves to be in a synchronized condition. Our collective unconscious with Tong Ren allows people to have an easy healing experience because the collective unconscious puts the brainwaves into a synchronized condition. Our healing collective unconsciousness is formed from the past experience of Tong Ren Healing, which is formed from our belief, which is based on the healing results. Without good results, the belief cannot be sustained.

The healing results of Tong Ren Therapy are stored in the brain as a subconscious experience. This memory will last and become a lifetime experience. When more people experience postitive healing results from Tong Ren Therapy, more people would believe in Tong Ren Therapy. This forms a collective unconsciousness which becomes more and more powerful. If Tong Ren's healing rate were low, its popularity in the collective unconscious would fade out.

The Tong Ren healing experience does not work for some people. However, even when people do not believe in Tong Ren but are willing to try it, it can work with good results. Since Tong Ren works for animals, babies or patients in coma, this is inarguable proof that it works. When people do not believe in Tong Ren and try to argue about it or deny it, the Tong Ren treatment will not work for them because this resistance is a power in itself. People who are into arguing or denying are trying to guide the brainwave of others to listen to them and follow their theory. They cannot accept a new concept and try to prove that others are wrong. This mind set of opposition is contrary to our belief in the collective unconscious. In this situation, the Tong Ren practitioner should refuse to give a treatment or stop the treatment because this is a waste of energy. It is easy to understand that if a fish or a bird does not belong to the group, the brainwave entrainment does not work. In some cases, people believe in Tong Ren Healing, but cannot feel anything from the Tong Ren treatment. This may be caused by a functional problem in the patient's sensory cortex. This area may be inactive, or sometimes it takes time to feel the energy moving. This kind of occurrence is very rare; most of the people receiving Tong Ren Therapy feel tingling and/or a sensation of heat in their hands, face or anywhere in the body.

We can also use the collective unconscious and brainwave entrainment theories to explain faith healing, religious healing or energy healing. Yet, Tong Ren Healing is different from other healing modalities. In Tong Ren Healing, we believes that there is a blockage for each disease. To heal the illness, one must open, or unblock the blockage, which is the root of the problem. When we find out the root of the problem, we may know how to treat the problem. Each energy healing system has its own way to explain how energy is formed. In Tong Ren healing, we believe that energy is from the unconscious, which is connected to the collective unconscious. When Tong Ren practitioners heal others, they also heal themselves because the practitioner and the patient are both within the same collective unconscious. The more therapists practice Tong Ren, the more energy they gather.

Tong Ren dolls do not have any energy or power. The healing power comes from the mind. The Tong Ren doll is simply a trigger for the healer's mind. In time, when the healer's level progresses to a point that it becomes second nature, the Tong Ren healer will not need any tools - just the mind. But this level is not for the beginner.



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