Double Blind Study Finds Dang Gui Wan Effective For Menopausal Symptoms (Hot Flashes, Nightsweats)

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Double Blind Study Finds Dang Gui Wan Effective For Menopausal Symptoms (Hot Flashes, Nightsweats)

Published on 09-25-2012

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Chinese Medicine is commonly used for a wide range of women's health issues including menstrual irregularities, fertility, hormonal imbalances and issues at menopause.  Researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong recently conducted a study evaluating a widely used Chinese Herbal Medicine for the alleviation of menopausal symptoms.

The Chinese Herbal Medicine used in this study was Dang Gui Wan.  Dang Gui Wan is widely used although best results in Chinese Medicine are arrived at via proper diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective - even when the symptoms appropriate to the formula appear to match. 

Researchers in this study recruited 60 post-menopausal patients who were having symptoms such as hot flashes and nightsweats.  The patients were divided into various treatment groups (1.5g, 3g or 6g/day dosages) and were treated over 12 weeks.  Researchers used various symptom based scales such as the Menopause Specific Quality of Life Scale (MENQOL), among others.  They also evaluated hormon and lipid levels related to these symptoms from a western medicine perspective. 

Researchers found that the 6g/day dosage group had the most significant improvement from all groups - with the 3g/day group also showing moderate improvement.  Interestingly while symptoms changed dramatically the majority of the related hormones and lipids that were tested did not differ much between the treatment groups.

Researchers concluded that 6g/day of Dang Gui Wan can significantly improve physical and psychological scores in post-menopausal women as well as reduce vasomotor symptoms such as nightsweats and hot flashes.  No side effects were experienced by any of the patients.

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