Effects of You Gui Wan and Zuo Gui Wan Herbal Formulas on Encephalomyelitis

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Effects of You Gui Wan and Zuo Gui Wan Herbal Formulas on Encephalomyelitis

Published on 12-18-2012

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Encephalomyelitis is a general term for a number of conditions arising from inflammation in the brain and/or spinal cord.  Most notably these are multiple sclerosis (MS - "encephalomyelitis disseminata), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS - myalgic encephalomyelitis), along with many others.  The more we learn about the role of inflammation generally in modern health issues the more researchers are looking for ways to limit the role it plays on a daily basis.

The formulas You Gui Wan and Zuo Gui Wan are used for a broad range of issues in Chinese Medicine that are related to Kidney Yang Deficiency and Kidney Yin Deficiency / Kidney Jing Deficiency (see What Does Acupuncture Treat? for a discussion on diagnostic patterns).  These formulas are commonly used to treat a wide range of sexual issues, fertility, anxiety, nightsweats, fatigue along with a broad range of medical conditions that may arise from the underlying diagnostic pattern in Chinese Medicine terms.

In a recent animal study researchers from Capital Medical University in Beijing explored the effect these formulas have on axonal regeneration vs. the normal medical treatment route of prednisone.  The rats were given experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) and divided into 4 groups - a control, a prednisone treatment group, a zuo gui wan treatment group and a yuo gui wan treatment group.  Treatment was offered for 28 days and samples were taken on the 14th and 28th days to evaluate the internal changes related to inflammation and regeneration.

Researchers found that both Zuo Gui Wan and You Gui Wan herbal formulas promoted axonal regeneration.  Both appeared to do this by modulating the cAMP/PKA signal transduction pathway (i.e. limiting inflammation).    Researchers found differences in both effects and molecular mechanisms between the two formulas however so it may likely end up that proper diagnosis in a human population (i.e. between kidney yang and kidney yin deficiency) would be crucial. 

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Issues/Symptoms: anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia (cfs), multiple sclerosis (ms)

Patterns: kidney jing deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency

Formulas: you gui wan, zuo gui wan

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