Head, Scalp and Shoulder Acupressure Points

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Head, Scalp and Shoulder Acupressure Points

Published on 05-24-2015

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Below you will find commonly used acupressure points located on the head, scalp and shoulder areas.  Head and scalp points are helpful for a range of conditions from headaches and dizziness to excessive thinking and insomnia. The shoulder points aid shoulder pain but help other issues as well.  For acupressure points on other parts of the body, or for a general introduction to acupressure, please read the appropriate section:

Governing Vessel (GV) 20

On the Governing Vessel meridian, located 5 cun from the anterior hair line. Generally found by drawing a line between the middle of both ears to the top of your head.

¤ Uses: headaches, prolapses, low energy, and dizziness.

Gall Bladder (GB) 20

On the Gall Bladder meridian, located in the depression between the upper portion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the trapezius. Generally found by moving your finger from the back of the head (occiput) sideways until it falls into the depression.

¤ Uses: headaches, dizziness, neck pain.

Gall Bladder (GB) 21

On the Gall Bladder meridian, located on the shoulder directly above the nipple at the highest point of the shoulder. Generally found by moving your finger lightly from your shoulder towards your neck until it stops and then pressing down where it is most tender.

¤ Uses: headaches, dizziness, neck pain, shoulder tension, stress. Do not use if pregnant.

  • Note: Acupuncture points are often located by the cun measurement, which is a relative measurement tool.
  • You can click on the point names below to find more information about the point and the meridian name to see a graphic of the meridian.
  • For particular conditions you can read our conditions treated section which offers some of the more commonly used points for a given condition.

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Issues/Symptoms: depression, insomnia, neck pain, shoulder pain

Acupoints: gb 20, gb 21, gv 20

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