Lifestyle Considerations and Self-Help for Insomnia

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Lifestyle Considerations and Self-Help for Insomnia

Published on 08-02-2006

"ChadD" is an acupuncturist and lives in Minneapolis and has authored 360 other posts.

Lifestyle factors play an important role in a persons health and modifications are commonly recommended by acupuncturists. There are a number of techniques available for a person to integrate into their lives to gradually resolve sleeping issues. Lifestyle-wise, they involve reducing or eliminating your intake of alcohol and/or caffeine (especially later in the evening), exercising daily, avoid working/thinking about heavier matters late into the evening, and incorporating relaxation techniques such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation into your life.

The "Wellness Book" by Herbert Benson has a comprehensive chapter on Insomnia. Their text contains an extensive selection of techniques to alleviate sleeping problems that have proven successful in clinical practice.

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