LV 3 Acupuncture Point May Be Helpful for Alcoholic Liver Injury

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LV 3 Acupuncture Point May Be Helpful for Alcoholic Liver Injury

Published on 03-05-2012

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The acupuncture point, LV 3, is a widely used point for a number of conditions in the human body.  The effects of that point when combined with others within a proper treatment aids conditions as varied as insomnia, anxiety, menstrual issues, digestive issues, and eye swelling among many others.  LV 3 is a very important acupuncture point overall - also one of the more commonly used acupressure points. 

Researchers from the institute of acu-moxibustion at the Chinese Academic of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing recently conducted an animal study to better understand the internal effects of LV 3.  In particular, researchers were looking at the effect of electroacupuncture on LV 3 to improve liver function when injured by alcohol.

Researchers used 40 rats divided into a control group, model group, electro acupuncture group on LV 3 group and an electro acupuncture on non acupuncture points group (sham group).  The rats were administered 40mL/kg of distillate spirits (alcohol) for 12 hours - enough to overwhelm the liver and create mild liver injury.  Rats were then treated with for 30 minutes at LV 3.  At the conclusion of the study liver tissues were collected and ALT and AST liver markers were measured. 

Within the EA LV 3 group ALT and AST levels were significantly down regulated (i.e. the liver damage was mitigated) where the control group had elevated levels (which would be expected).  This study shows that measurable chemical changes happen from use of LV 3 and that these provide a protective/restorative effect on the liver.

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