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Pigu Fasting Theory

Published on 05-19-2008

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The following article is a general introduction to the theory of Pigu written by Tom Tam.  For more details, he has written a full-length text, which is available in our store.

Pi Gu is the ancient Chinese way of fasting. According to TCM history, it is a Taoist practice used for the attainment of immortality. When people practice Chi Gong they can go into the Pi Gu condition. In this training, this condition can result in people not needing to eat for extended periods without being hungry while also having increased energy.

Pi Gu translates from Chinese as “stop eating grain.” Some the English translations use “Bi Gu.” Pi and Bi in Chinese are the same written but sound different. Pi Gu in China is derived from Chi Gong practice and slowly leads to a cessation of eating. People wanting to enter the Pi Gu condition need to practice Chi Gong then go into the Pi Gu State. When people are in the true Pi Gu state, they will not feel hungry and will stop eating food. They learn to eat the Chi instead of food.

Some can use a Chi Gong technique to make people go into the Pi Gu condition. This technique does not require the patient to practice Chi Gong in order to go into the Pi Gu state, but this is a lost healing art. In China it is very rare to find someone who can practice this method for therapy. Even though most of the famous Chi Gong masters may lead the people into the Pi Gu state with a Chi Gong practice, they can’t use this as a therapy.

In my practice I frequently like to use this method for healing, especially to help regulate the blood sugar level and to treat middle warmer disorders. The middle warmer includes the stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. For any disease related to the middle warmer, Pi Gu has a very good effect. This includes cancer of the middle warmer organs, diabetes, gallstones, liver disorders, stomach ulcers, obesity, anorexia, weight loss and many other illnesses. I developed this technique for balancing Chi in the middle warmer to improve the circulation and digestive system. When the patient has a middle warmer problem, these organs need to relax and cut down their workload. The best way to do it is to stop the intake of food but, if we are in the normal condition not a Pi Gu condition, stopping the intake of food is dangerous. Only by using Pi Gu can we stop eating without experiencing harmful side effects.

According to TCM, most disease is caused from intake of food through the mouth. This includes diet, virus, germ, and food pollution. If we want to have healthy bodies, we must have good diets. The best diet is to eat nothing from food. In the Pi Gu theory, it is believed that the food we eat changes into Chi and nourishes our lives. If we can take the Chi from the universe, this Chi will nourish us without the taking of food. Some people are able to stay in the Pi Gu state for a few years, however there is a very low percentage of those able to do this. Not everyone can enter into a full Pi Gu state and eat nothing for a year. Most people can enter into a half Pi Gu state and eat very little food.
Chi is the life force. It may be from the food we eat. It can come from Chi Gong practice. It can be charged from a Chi Gong master. The ways I use to charge Chi consists of group seminars, individual Chi Gong treatment and long distance by telephone.

In China, no one can explain how Pi Gu works. Science has a hard time understanding the effectiveness of Pi Gu, yet no one can deny that people can take Chi from the universe instead of the partaking of food into the body. Pi Gu is a special Chi Gong state. It is not only for weight loss, it can heal many illnesses also. If people could permanently stay in the Chi Gong state, their bodies would automatically have the best Chi balance. If we do not eat, where do the calories and minerals come from? In my guess the calories come from the universe when we are in the Pi Gu state, and the minerals are recycled from within the body.

I have written a Pi Gu book in English, the first Pi Gu book in the world. There have been some Pi Gu articles published in China but no books specializing in Pi Gu. In all America, only a few Chi Gong masters can use this method as a treatment for healing. Even in China, not many Chi Gong masters know how to use Pi Gu as a treatment. Pi Gu is too new in America, but it is old in China. I have begun to train more students to use Pi Gu as therapy. Some day, Tom Tam’s Pi Gu method will be popular in America.

Beside the Chi Gong practice of going into the Pi Gu state, another method is using the Tong Ren technique. The Tong Ren technique is easy for the Pi Gu practice: just put the laser beam on the ST21 on the doll. The Pi Gu can make people lose weight and heal their obesity; also it can heal a diabetic.


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