Study Finds Fructus Schisandra Chinensis (Wu Wei Zi) Useful for Cholesterol Reduction

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Study Finds Fructus Schisandra Chinensis (Wu Wei Zi) Useful for Cholesterol Reduction

Published on 03-18-2014

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Chinese researchers publishing in the "Lipids in health and disease" journal conducted a study exploring the effects of Fructus Schisandra Chinensis (Wu Wei Zi, in TCM Herbology) on lipid metabolism and glucose levels using a mice model.

Within Chinese Medicine herbs are most often used in carefully designed and balanced formulas rather than using individual herbs as is more common in the west.  The design of these formulas helps to synergystically draw out certain functions of the herbs, using others to help balance any potential side effects and yet others to help steer where you want the activity.  Many of the commonly used formulas are many hundreds to thousands of years old.

Wu Wei Zi is used within many herbal formulas.  The formulas (not the ingredient per se) can be used for conditions ranging from insomnia, palpitations, nightsweats, to frequent urination, morning diarrhea and/or chronic wheezing.

In this study researchers studied the deep biochemical effects of Wu Wei Zi on a rat model.  The rats were fed with a normal idet or a high cholesterol/bile salt diet.  The researchers found that in the high cholesterol/high bile salt group that Wu Wei Zi:

  • reduced hepatic total cholesterol levels by 27-46%
  • markedly lowered hepatic glucose levels by 13-30%
  • showed smaller body weight gain and adipose tissue mass

The researchers concluded that Wu Wei Zi "produces hepatic lipid and glucose lowering" functions and that it may provide "a safe alterantive for the management of fatty liver and/or lipid disorders in humans".

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