Study Shows Preventive Acupuncture Better for Dysmenorrhea (Cramps/Painful Menstruation)

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Study Shows Preventive Acupuncture Better for Dysmenorrhea (Cramps/Painful Menstruation)

Published on 03-22-2011

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Clinically acupuncture is used for the full range of women's menstrual issues. Irregular cycles, PMS, painful cramps, fertility issues, fibroids, etc. are all commonly treated. With dysmenorrhea (cramps/menstrual pain) women are likely to come in for treatment at the peak of their symptoms.

Researchers from the Shandong Academy of Chinese Medicine in Jinan China recently conducted a study comparing preventative acupuncture (before symptoms) to that of immediate acupuncture (at the time of symptoms). They recruited 80 women who suffer from primary dysmenorrhea and assigned them into 3 groups - group 1 was given preventative acupuncture and group 2 was given immediate acupuncture - group 3 was a control. Treatment was offered over 3 menstrual cycles (which is generally the time frame within which these issues can be largely resolved).

Using symptom scores the study found that in all aspects preventative acupuncture led to better symptomatic improvement both in the short-term and in the long-term than immediate acupuncture.

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