Tai Chi for Diabetes

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Tai Chi for Diabetes

Published on 04-01-2008

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Tai Chi is well known for it's many health benefits. The majority of these relate to the immune system, cardiovascular system, improving bone density, improving balance and coordination, and lowering stress levels. The majority of these effects have been well studied in both eastern and western medical circles.

Two recent studies looked at Tai Chi as an aid in the treatment of diabetes. One study followed 30 participants over 12 weeks who had learned a 37 movement Tai Chi form. At the end of 12 weeks, the Tai Chi students had lowered blood sugar levels and increases in markers for a healthy immune system. Another study at the University of Queensland had 11 participants and at the end of their program they all showed drops in blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and marked weight loss.

You can read the article as published by the BBC - Tai Chi 'Helps Improve Diabetes'

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