Tai Chi Shown To Be Helpful In Alleviating Type 2 Diabetes with Neuropathy

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Tai Chi Shown To Be Helpful In Alleviating Type 2 Diabetes with Neuropathy

Published on 09-24-2012

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Tai Chi has been shown in volumes of studies to be helpful for a broad range of conditions. Studies have shown that Tai Chi contributes to very positive changes in the bodies balance, bone density, immunity and stress responses among others. Researchers from Chungnam National University in South Korea recently conducted a study evaluating the effects of tai chi on glucose control and neuropathy in type 2 diabetes patients.

Researchers recruited 59 patient with type II diabetes and neuropathy from an outpatient clinic. Patients were divided into a Tai Chi group and a control group (no intervention). Using a standardized Tai Chi program (there are many forms of Tai Chi...), participants were offered Tai Chi classes twice a week for 12 weeks. They then used a range of diabetes and neuropathy related tests to evaluate the participants. Of the participants the mean age was 64 and 66% completed the study.

Researchers found that participants in the Tai Chi group had significantly beneficial changes in "total symptom scores, glucose control, balance, and quality of life."

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