Tong Ren Therapy for Cancer by Master Tam

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Tong Ren Therapy for Cancer by Master Tam

Published on 08-28-2007

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I am reprinting the following article from Master Tam regarding the use of Tong Ren Therapy for Cancer. In addition to the basic theories this article presents the "disking" practice which has increased the response rate in cancer patients as well as those with other conditions.

Tong Ren healing is becoming more and more popular in the world. Every week, every day, we treat a wide range of difficult diseases worldwide. Countless patients benefit and healed by Tong Ren therapy. Each Tong Ren therapist has his/her own way of healing people. Its healing effect is high, and the cost is low. The Tong Ren technique for healing cancer is simple and easy. Basically there are three major techniques in healing cancer, they are the hammer, laser beam and needle technique. The magnetic hammer technique is a way of stimulating a blockage point on the doll in reference to the person's illness. This method is simple and easy for any one to practice; it does not need any training or experience, the practitioner just does it. The hammer technique is the major method used in the Tong Ren guinea pig class for healing, as the hammer hitting can vary with the points used on the doll at any time. With the hammer technique the first step is to locate the point on the doll. The beginner can follow the healing chart write down the main point and support point on paper, or mark the point on the doll. On the healing chart, the main point indicates where the energy is blocked at and causing the root of the problem; the support point enhances the effectiveness of the healing. The support point is not mandatory, but the main point is crucial. When we palpitate or press the main point from the chart, usually this point will have an uncomfortable or painful feeling, in TCM theory this is called the ouch point. We need to pay attention to any ouch point, pain point or area. Pain is a signal from the body that indicates where there is an imbalance or where the Chi is static. For example when one has liver cancer, we will find an ouch point at T9 on the right hand side. When a patient has breast cancer, we can easily find an ouch point at T4, on the same side as the tumor. Based on many years of practice and experience, when a person is diagnosed with a specific condition or disease they will have an ouch point that corresponds to certain designated root problem. However, be careful not to mislead a patient by making a diagnosis according to an ouch point. A blockage can sometimes mean just a tight muscle; nothing more, nothing less. Making a diagnosis is a job for medical doctors, specific medical equipment and tests. In our healing we only follow the doctor's diagnosis to find the blockage or reflex point. We never diagnose a patient's illness or cancer.

Generally when we use the hammer technique on the doll for healing, the ordinary flow of stimulation is from the top to bottom, like water's natural flow. Yet, when we stimulate the Sky Window on the location of the common carotid and vertebral artery, the order of stimulation should be from the bottom to top. This is different than when we stimulate the nervous system, because the artery carries blood from the heart which flows through the artery by running up from the heart to the brain. When we finish all the points with the hammer technique, we should hit the doll from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This allows for the opening and clearing of the Chi in the whole body before we finish the healing session.

Tong Ren therapy is based upon the power of minds creating energy for healing. Its energy source is from the collective unconscious, which is connected to the Super consciousness. When we practice Tong Ren for healing, the mind's focus comes from our subconscious and unconscious, which means just do it. If we try to focus the mind, this mental focus comes from our conscious mind and not from the unconscious mind. No one can mentally focus when we access our unconscious mind. Unconsciousness is the instinctive mind which doesn't need to be focused or controlled. The unconscious mind functions as an automatic reaction. This use of the mind with the hammer technique represents the breaking down of blockages which can then let energy pass within the body freely. In the practice of Tong Ren healing, we don't need to think or focus on the breaking down of the blockage, because the thought has been stored as memory in our subconscious mind already.

Using the hammer technique, we hit points on the doll for about 10 to 15 minutes. As a rule this is enough. Most patients can hit the doll for self healing, but the best way is to ask someone else to do it. Then the patient can fully relax in order to receive the healing energy. Children are better than adults at using the hammer technique, because a child's mind is more pure than an adult and without resistance. With late stage cancer, daily use of Tong Ren healing is required. With early stage, we can use Tong Ren two or three times a week. If the patient wants to do more, it is ok to do so because Tong Ren healing has no side effects. The more you do the more benefit you receive. Another technique for Tong Ren healing is the use of the laser beam on the doll. The laser beam technique represents heat; the build up of Chi to radiate a tumor, similar to the use of radiation in the hospital. In our mind we have the concept of burning out the tumor. When using the laser beam, we put the light on the tumor area on the doll. Also the laser technique is helpful for charging the energy for treating the side effects from radiation and chemo. The method is simple, just put the light on CV4 or CV6 where the lower Dantian is located. The laser beam technique need only be used on one spot at a time. However, if the patient needs it, more than one laser can be pointed at the doll. A Tong Ren healer has developed a new technique which uses optic fiber with the laser beam; this method can stimulate many points at the same time. The session of healing time with the laser method can be 10 to 20 minutes. Some patients like to put the light on longer; it has no dangerous side effects as well. Some cancer patients put the light on for the whole night which is fine as long as one does not mind wasting batteries. The use of the laser for healing cancer is simple and easy. Just turn the light on and point it on the tumor area. At this time one can do self healing and it does not need to be with a Tong Ren therapist. When the light is on, it is best for the patient to fully relax allowing for more healing power. During a healing session, we do not suggest the patient read a book or watch TV. When using the laser on the doll a patient may feel heat on the face, then the heat may go to the area where the tumor is located. This is called Chi running in the
body. It is important for healing. Someone may feel an opening sensation in the chest and feel deeper and or easier breathing.

In the Tong Ren healing practice, we can use the hammer and laser together. We can use one doll with a laser beam on the tumor area, and another doll with the hammer technique to break down the blockage and to stimulate the support points. This way can save time and have more of an effect. Also we can use the hammer stimulation first, and then use the laser afterward. Each session is about 20 minutes with the combination healing technique.

Another method for Tong Ren healing is the needle technique. In the beginning of Tong Ren healing, we only used the needle technique on the doll for stimulation. Later, because of the law and for political reasons, we developed the hammer and laser technique instead of the needle. In today's America, in some states, the law is unclear about placing an acupuncture needle in the doll. In some states, even the practice of Chi Gong healing on the doll, requires an acupuncture license. To avoid political problems and legal limitations, I must skip the needle Chi Gong technique on the doll. To be noted, it is rare that a licensed acupuncturist has interest in Tong Ren healing. Most people with interest in Tong Ren healing are the patients or the family members of the patients. The more difficult case, the more interest they have in our healing system, because they realize the benefit of healing from Tong Ren. For the advancement of Tong Ren, allowing it to become more popular and benefit the public, we only focus on the hammer and laser technique.

Tong Ren healing is only a part of the Tom Tam healing system. The point we use to treat cancer can be used with other types of stimulation. If someone doesn't like using Tong Ren, they can use the same theory and points with acupuncture, Tui Na, Chi Gong healing, Shiatsu, massage, energy healing and so on. Yet, in my own experience, the most powerful and effective healing technique for cancer is Tong Ren rather than other ways of point stimulation. Of course other styles of healing can combine with the Tong Ren healing to treat the cancer. Many times using Tui Na or acupuncture combined with Tong Ren can help further ease and open the blockage. Most acupuncturists don't believe that Tong Ren is more powerful then the needle technique for healing cancer. In fact, in practice Tong Ren therapy has healed many cancer cases, yet no one has heard any report that acupuncture has healed any of the cancers. Also, in China many studies report that Chi Gong healing has healed some cancers. In the West, we know faith healing, energy healing or religious healing can heal some cancers.

Energy healing without mechanical stimulation can heal cancer, it happens often as people frequently report these experiences through the media. So in Tong Ren practice, we must build up confidence that if energy healing can heal cancer, why not Tong Ren! Tong Ren healing is a form of energy healing, its power is formed from the collective unconscious, which is based on a group of people's beliefs. Tong Ren's credibility is built from the experience of positive healing results. As a new patient hears more healing reports from others, they gain strength and confidence which then allows them to have good healing results.

Many cancer patients use chemo, radiation, herbal, mineral, energy healing or other alternative healing. This is a personal choice. Tong Ren healing does not interfere with the results of other methods of healing. We never advise any cancer patients to stop another healing method in order to follow ours. A patient has the right to use any form of healing.

The latest Tong Ren healing technique for cancer is called "discing or disking." The disking technique requires at least three people to perform. Three people form the collective conscious and collective unconscious. This healing method is more powerful and focused than other Tong Ren healing techniques. Of course the disking technique cannot take the place of others, because each technique has its own function.

The disking technique requires a disc or a dish for the healing. You can use a CD disc, sugar jar lid, tea pot lid, a tea cup lid, or a small saucer. The method requires setting the disc or lid above the ouch point on the doll or directly on the patient, then each practitioner places one or two fingers on the disc or the lid. When we use the doll, we can use the bigger acupuncture model, as a lid is easier to position on it. If we put the lid directly on the patient, the patient can sit or lie down in a comfortable position and relax. When we treat cancer or tumors, ask the patient where the tumor is located, and then let the patient put the lid or disc on top of the tumor.

Before the treatment, we can ask the patient to do an exam by themselves, to press the tumor's ouch point and remember the size and pain level. After the treatment, they can press the same area to compare the healing effect. This healing technique on the ouch point takes about five minutes; usually the patient should feel a sensation such as tingling, heat, warmth, heavy or achy as in other Tong Ren healing techniques. After we do the tumor point or ouch point with the treatment, we do the spinal blockage point with the same technique. For example, when we treat breast cancer, we first treat the tumor or lump on the breast area, then treat T4 where the blockage causing the breast problem is located. After treating the T4, the next area we can work on is on the head at BL6 and GV22. BL6 and GV22 are the pituitary gland and hormone area in the Tom Tam healing system. The mammary gland is a hormone organ, and controlled by the pituitary gland. When we put the center of the lid on GV22, it automatically covers BL6; we don't need to separate GV22 and BL6 for the healing. Before treating a breast tumor, the patient can check the size of the lump first if the lump can be found. After the treatment, a recheck of the lump can be done to compare the size. Many times after the treatment, the lump may be smaller or may even have gone away. This method looks like Ouija board practice. In fact in terms of technique they are the same. However, in theory, they are completely different. Each nation has its own way of using the Ouija board for fortune telling. China has used the same method for fortune telling for a thousand years. It is called De Xian in Chinese. De is disk, Xian is immortal or genius. Xian is the highest practice level in Taoism, as the Buddha is the highest level of practice from Buddhism. De Xian is one of the mystic arts of the Taoists. Both the Ouija board and the De Xian are still popular in America and in China for teens, even in this modern time. Each approach has its own way to understand and explain the work of this fortune telling.

The traditional explanation of the mysterious source of the disk's movement varies: It is from the psychic power of spirit, soul, immortal or angel, even the devil. Our scientific explanation is that the power of movement is from the mental strength of the psyche: the unconscious or collective unconscious. In our disking theory, the healing power of Chi is from the collective conscious and collective unconscious working together. People forget that humans, and any being, have the natural, instinctive ability for self-healing and healing power. If any being loses the healing instinct, eventually it will be unable to survive in the world, a process similar to natural selection. "Human" means, fundamentally, living within a group, profoundly imbued with mind and language communication. When more than three people practice Tong Ren healing together with the disking technique, it will form a collective consciousness. So far there are many people in the world who have already experienced the results and therefore believe in Tong Ren healing. Therefore, this belief is constantly forming the Tong Ren collective unconscious. Each week, each month the Tong Ren collective unconscious keeps growing. This healing power is endless. The more we practice, the more our collective unconscious builds up. As the healing power grows, the healing of cancer and tumors achieves a higher and faster healing rate--the results getting more powerful with our tireless practice! Neither Chi Gong healing or any other energy healing can compare with these results.

Our disking practice is not related to any religion or mystery. Our theory is based on Tong Ren healing, which is the belief in the power of collective unconscious. With Tong Ren disking practice, you don't need to believe in the Tao, God, Buddha or any religious system; just believe that you yourself have a natural instinct energy for healing which you were born with and which therefore can heal your problem. The power of collective unconsciousness we create through our belief and practice exists in the universe; it is the power of healing. With the Tong Ren disking healing, we don't need to ask for help from any spirit, soul or angel, the healing power is already stored inside our mind. We don't believe that only the psychic healer has the special ability to heal-every living being is born with this natural, instinctive healing energy.

The Tong Ren disking healing technique doesn't only work with the cancer case, it works with other diseases as well.

For more details you may want to read, "Healing Cancer with the Nervous System" by Tom Tam.

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