Acne and Feels heat in abdomen and sometimes cooling.

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Acne and Feels heat in abdomen and sometimes cooling.

Published on 02-22-2022

"Shzaib" lives in Pakistan and has authored 2 other posts.

Greetings All dears.

A year ago I got my face skin cleared by using some acupoints from this website. But now I have forgot which special points helped me to clear all that abdomen issue and acne as both are related.

I have acne and same abdomen heat and cooling issues as I had a year ago. 

I have tried for liver fire but it's not actually that it's something else which I'm not understanding.

Is there any problem related to gall bladder? As I feel mostly heat

Please all of experts help me

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Issues/Symptoms: acne

Patterns: kidney yin deficiency, large intestine damp heat, spleen and stomach damp heat

Acupoints: sp 10

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2022

As discussed in your previous post there are a few ways to feel "heat" and they have different approaches.  Essentially there is "true heat" - which can then be heat or "fire" and be stagnant or moving or rising, etc. - then there is "false heat" - which is yin deficiency, an absence of the cooling nature of the body allowing "heat" to dominate, even though the status overall is one of deficiency.

A somewhat common pattern would be spleen and stomach damp-heat.  There an important point would be SP 10 which can be used for a range of skin conditions arising from damp-heat, among many other uses.

Our acne section has some of the more common diagnoses and treatment approaches for acne.  But it all starts with proper diagnosis first.  

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comment by "Shzaib"
on Feb 2022

Greetings dear sir.

I have gone through Kd6/Lu7. But it didn't work.

spleen and stomach damp heat can be the cause of discomfort and acne??

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2022

I think you may need to re-evalute your time frame for resolution - it's only been a few days since you last posted.  Acupuncture, particularly when done as a self-treatment unguided form of acupressure, can take time to rectify the imbalances in the body.  Generally except for the most acute of issues acupuncture is not an immediate fix - it often takes weeks to months, even months to years to fully balance a persons issues. 

But, yes, as pointed out in my previous post, spleen and stomach damp heat is a potential cause of the issues you are describing.  Imbalances can also overlap and intertwine the more they are present in the person, this is where all of the training for practitioners is (not the techniques really), and why it can take time to resolve - you have to figure out what is at the surface, what is deeper, how they interact, if at all, then work through a process to resolve all of that.  It's not rocket science, but it's also not straightforward for laypeople or practitioners for that matter.

A previous blog post I wrote entitled "Acupuncture Treatment Prognosis Guidelines" - discusses this process in general terms.

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