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aku-silk ??

Published on 12-09-2023

"anon101995" is an acupuncture student who lives in Germany - this is their first post.

where can I read about the acu-silk treatment? books?!

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2023

I'm not sure about acu-silk in particular but that is an offshoot of the theories within meridian color therapy.  There is at least a book or two regarding that topic.

While I'm not aware of any published research with acu silk therapy the general layout is the application of small piece of fabric, dyed from organic/plant substances, on specific acupuncture points using the colors of the channels you'd like to influence.

The colors are generally:

HT - pale yellow

SI - yellow

UB - peach

KD - orange

PC - rose/light red

TH - red

LV - dark purple

GB - purple

LU - blue

LI - light blue

ST - green

SP - pale/light green

But within these color systems there are differences in the relationships.


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