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lower bak pain

Published on 01-02-2024

"D.A." is an acupuncturist who lives in London - this is their first post.

Happy new year to all. which protocol (points preferable)  is more appropriate for lower back pain left side for a man who is working as a swimminf trainer so all day is stand up and in a wet place?

Thank you .


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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jan 2024

Happy new year to you as well!  General starting points are described on our acupuncture for back pain protocols section.  What you are alluding to is treatment for issues caused by dampness, but I would caution that you need to treat the person how they present from diagnostic tools such as the tongue, pulse, palpation, etc. - in short, don't assume they have back pain from cold/warm damp just because they work in a particular environment.  While that is a factor to be considered, it is only one of many variables. 

Depending on the diagnosis in TCM terms and the patients overall health, cupping and/or moxibustion may also be considered.

If after going through those sections and gaining more information about the patients diagnostic signs you have questions about how best to approach it, feel free to ask for more tailored recommendations.



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comment by "anon167148"
on Apr 2024

Thank you for sharing the post about the lower back pain issue. I would recommend starting with the general back pain protocols and using diagnostic tools to determine the root cause. The patient's work environment may be a factor, but it's only one of many variables. Depending on the diagnosis and the patient's overall health, cupping and/or moxibustion may also be considered.

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