front neck voice muscle <-> rhomboid scapula? (ST 9 <-> UB 45ish)

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front neck voice muscle <-> rhomboid scapula? (ST 9 <-> UB 45ish)

Published on 02-15-2024

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Hey folks.

This morning's qi gong had a long-awaited, seems to me, movement between what I think is ST 9 and UB 45, round thereabouts.

I was experiencing a familiar strong 'yin' around ST 9, sat with it (stood, really), and after a while felt a 'yang' of what felt, for about 3/4 of a second, like heat moving out of UB 45, plus or minus 1, a well-known tense muscle attaching to the scapula.

My internal perceptions are that 'personal deficiency' was oriented to via the voice ST9, and 'work/succeed/worthy' was oriented in the shoulder-hunching UB45 area.

I've been working with points and muscles and attitudes 'in the neighborhood' for a few months now, and am truly glad for this new ... reconnection/movement(?) between two known blockages I guess, and wanted to ask here for any comments or suggestions at all.

Thanks much.


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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2024

I don't want to sound like I'm discounting your experience or saying that awareness of such experiences does not have a place in overall growth and improvement from an energy work/qi gong perspective.  However, I would caution against using anything other than "light" awareness under most circumstances - particularly if you are working without a direct teacher whom you are meeting on a regular basis and who is familiar and guiding your practices.  At most it might be a subtle clue to very mildly change your posture in the practice or something along those lines.  Long story short, focusing too strongly on particular sensations is far more likely to create/contribute to blockages, potentially causing issues over time, than it is to lead to your growth.  You observe, recognize and move on - similar to meditation practice with thoughts - see it, let it go....


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