chronic high tension in muscles along the SI meridian; what herbs/diet could soothe

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chronic high tension in muscles along the SI meridian; what herbs/diet could soothe

Published on 06-24-2022

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hey yall.

i've had a chronic -- and multi-generational -- pattern going on where there's hypertension in the arms, shoulders, neck, jaw, ear along the SI meridian. I've thought for a long time that this pattern is related to being forbidden to respond to verbal rage.

I'm doing bodywork and movement things to balance this 'overheat' (it actually feels hot and sour)...

... and I wanted to ask about what other Good Things there may be to do. Diet changes? Herbs? Acupuncture points to work with? Movements/exercises?


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Acupoints: li 4, lv 3, sp 6

Formulas: jia wei xiao yao wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2022

Ideally, you should consult directly with an acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine.  They can work with you over a period of months or longer to tailor treatments and self-help routines to help alleviate these issues.  In my opinion, the meridian location is often less meaningful than looking at broader issues in a systematic way.

That said, it's great that you are doing bodywork, I would also suggest regular meditation practice - if you are not already doing that.  Herbally the go to formula would likely be something along the lines of jia wei xiao yao wan.  But, again, seeing a practitioner directly would result in a more personally tailored approach.

In my opinion acupressure is fairly limited, but points such as SP 6, LV 3 and LI 4 with acupressure may prove helpful if used consistently.  And if you have an interest in qi gong, a form we utilize to open the upper body/neck and spine is called "Da Peng Gong" and it appears in this broadcast from one of our classes from years ago - 


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