Honeysuckle ok to take with antibiotics?

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Honeysuckle ok to take with antibiotics?

Published on 09-20-2022

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I have no choice but to go for the antibiotics, but had planned on trying honeysuckle for issues since covid vaccine.  I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  I have an underlying infection and need to distinguish what is causing what symptoms.  Its very complicated.  If not honeysuckle, are there any herbs or formulas that can accenuate the effectiveness of antibiotics without negative effects?  I have no time to see an acupunturist.  Unbelievably my husband is just finishing cancer treatment.  We are thoroughly worn out and my life in the immediate futute involves a lot of drs visits, so my plan is when things settle down, god willing it hasnt spread, I will go back to acupuncture treatment.  Right now I just need advice and a hail mary.


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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Sep 2022

    The short answer would be to not take anything while you are taking the antibiotics (they would likely disrupt assimilation anyhow), then when you have time receive proper consultation.

    If it wasn't for the cancer aspect you could likely take the antibiotics then do some probiotics and maybe a formula such as bao he wan or xiao chai hu tang.  But with the cancer in the mix and other immune factors, consult someone who can sit down with you and go through your whole history properly - that would be the way to go.

    Generally speaking I'm not a big fan of individual herbs (not just honeysuckle) - rather targeted professionally guided formulas for appropriate periods of time.  You will get better results that way and not disrupt anything else.

    If you need to do online consultations check out wuhealing.com


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