8 extraordinary meridians

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8 extraordinary meridians

Published on 12-27-2006

"ebeelen" - this is their first post.

As a practitioner of Shiatsu I have been taught about the 8 curious meridians by Yuichi Kawada. He wrote a book "Essential Shiatsu" on this topic some years ago, it is worth while reading it. In 2006 the Oriental Medicine Journal from Chicago also published an article concerning his book. I have already experienced great changes in client's energy levels when working with these meridians. I would like to learn experiences from other practitioners on this topic. regards, Erik Beelen

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comment by "anon222841"
on Mar 2013

While we were not taught specifically to work with the 8 extraordinary meridians (only taught theory behind them in my TCM classes), apparently they did teach the students up until those who graduated a semester before us to incorporate them into their treaments. Did you ever feel weird energetically after using them? I&#39ve heard peculiar stories from my one TCM teacher about students using them in student clinic. When practicing opening sp 4 / pc6 chong mai in that TCM class with a fellow classmate, we both agreed we felt weird, almost "trippy" afterward. I don&#39t think it was necessarily in our heads, as she wasn&#39t one of "those" kinds of people anyways. It made me wonder if maybe it should be used only in acupuncture where there are needles and not another person&#39s hands on the points "bridging the circuit" as she would call it. I guess the energy is just different in those meridians? Anyone else have this experience? Either way, I&#39d like to hear how you use them in your treatments. I tend to use a more dynamic bodywork style, and don&#39t stay on any one point for too long. How long do you typically hold the master and coupled points, at what poing in treatment, static or moving pressure, etc.? Ever used the ion pumping cords on the points?? Thanks for the post! I just realized it was about 6 years ago, but if anyone else wants to put in their 2 cents I&#39d appreciate it!

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comment by "Walter_Cloud108"
on Aug 2013

Don&#39t have your answer, but I do know that (TMC) that of the Gates (all joints) of the body

The neck connects the Head & the Spine. (the Central nerves system) And with pressure point Shiatsu "Swiping, & patting or slappTapping) a worked area&#39s shin and energies, ie, makingNice to the worked areas&#39 is what I have offt&#39 forgot. Only to find out that its not just for the end of a session!

So I&#39m just saying don&#39t 4go the same patting slapping tapping more (often) anything uplifting and drawing energy up & or out from top to bottom from-the center to the sides, target the bone marrow. why not, and use visualizations during your preacitc(s)’ Im just Saying, having a vision of what you want to accomplish’ helps keep everyone on track. In my exp. I feel the tempo of a bodywork session can be managed so why not!

After all we are there for rest & energy as well but relaxation = rejuvenation so practitioners’ its on you connectivity + gente`el vibrations. Good luck .. On the * Great 8 Vessels the Waist -vessel) is enhanced for greater balance. Dowsing /turning)-your energies in a circular fashion at/from that area. Will work, use the divine gestures of Mudrahs working Hips & hands to surcharge the Tantiens. Wash w/Chi, down & out up & out breath deeply relax fully/empty & land."

Repeat reg. Through session both giver & 4 the receiver.

"(The Belt Meridian)" for greater balance & dowsin w/ the 1st tantien,

"the wider you Dows () circal the energies the better youll growund" it is said.

. Good luck .. & P.s Look to the illastrated works of Dr.Yang, Jwing-ming on YouTube for a fully annamated. discreption of them all! or See: YMMA.com. see understanding the Qi Body.

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comment by "leapingfrog"
on Aug 2013

Yes, the dynamic of a session when opening these reservoirs in the body is powerful. Like the belt channel ... opening the dai mai balances out the top of the body with the bottom. I like to think of a reservoir of energy associated with each. Weakness in certain areas leads you to use them for balancing ... so often edema of the legs forces a difference between the energies of the hands and the feet. Do akabani on the hands and feets using the jing well points will give you a general read of the strength of qi between them. If the contrast is between the top and the bottom, then open the belt channel to balance them.

I usually only open them across the body and use the other side to do something else like rectify qi. IE using Li 4 R and LV 3 L (LV 2 to vent heat if heat is involved) while using SJ 5 L and GB 41 R to open the belt channel.

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