Acupuncture for fertility questions

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Acupuncture for fertility questions

Published on 07-21-2010

"PixiesFan" - this is their first post.


My husband and I are on our 6th cycle trying to conceive. I am 37, I have an 18 month old (conceived month 4 of trying--text book pregnancy) and had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in September '09 (conceived without trying). After my miscarriage, I began experiencing pre-period spotting (about 2 days before my period starts). I have taken no fertility drugs and would prefer not to.

I recently started receiving acupuncture for fertility (have had 3 treatments so far, once a week). My acupuncturist determined I have a spleen qi deficiency. I burn smokeless moxibustion on my outter big toes a few times a week. Next cycle, I will use smoking moxi on my pelvic area. I also recently started practicing yoga again.

I am currently 10 lbs heavier than I was when I conceived my son (I now weigh 143 and am 5'8), although I am not overweight.

I really like and trust my acupuncturist. She believes treating my spleen qi deficiency will stop the pre-period bleeding and lead to conception. She initially told me I didn't need to take any Chinese herbs, then she recommended I try chasteberry. I'm curious, however, if I should take other herbs and wonder what are appropriate Chinese herbs for fertility and/or spleen qi deficiency.

Any other advice or recommendations on my situation are very welcome!

This site is fantastic! I love reading all the questions and answers--even those that don't relate to me. Very insightful.

Thank you.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jul 2010

Your practitioner sounds reasonable enough to me. I would simply trust what she is saying as she knows your whole case better than we would having not had the opportunity to discuss your medical history and provide a physical examination. Moxibustion can be very effective for deficiencies (I&#39m assuming you are doing this on SP 3 ?).

For some related articles I&#39ve written, herbal options, and practitioner level protocols you can read our infertility treatment section just to get a broader perspective of how we view and treat fertility.

It sounds like you are generally healthy and we know you can get pregnant. The miscarriage usually indicates some type of deficiency - so with some mild tonification and some adjustments to the hormones which happens naturally with acupuncture you should have no problems.

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comment by "archived-user"
on Jul 2010

For female spleen qi def, means you need support Qi and Blood energy.

Take "Ba Zhen Tang" soup or pill may supply your energy better.

and Moxa ST 36 and Ren 12 also helpful.

Thank you

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comment by "PixiesFan"
on Jul 2010

Thank you both very much for your insight.

Chad, she has me doing the moxa on SP1, but we&#39re planning on starting a new regimen (smoking moxa in a disc on my abdomen) during my next menstrual cycle.

Feng Mei, I will look into the Ba Zhen Tang soup or pill and discuss it with my practitioner. Thanks for the suggestion.

My progress: My menses started last night/today with very minimal pre-period spotting. In fact, there may have been none at all, depending on how pre-period spotting is defined. I am so encouraged that things are getting back on track, and I am 100% certain the acupuncture is doing it!

Why didn&#39t I discover acupuncture sooner?!?!

Thanks again!

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