Back pain following car accident

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Back pain following car accident

Published on 01-14-2008

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Patient: 27 yo female

Has had a car accident nearly 1 year ago. First symptom was an impossibility to turn the head. She now has back pain, shoulder area and strong contractures on UB meridian, between UB 14 an UB 18. She also has tensions in the SCM muscle on the right side. Pain is worse with fatigue, stress. Pain better with pressure, movement and heat.

Tongue: Normal
Pulse: weak on the left, stong and large on the right

Better with pressure, movement and heat makes me think of a vacuity, yang deficiency on UB meridian.
But pain is usually due to Qi signs of blood stagnation but pain in fixed location.

My points
SI 3
GB 20
UB 10
DM 14
SI 10
UB 62

Could anyone help me with my analysis.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jan 2008

Your analysis and points seem fine - SI 3 with UB 62 alone should go along way to helping with some local needling added in. For some more options you can read my back pain treatment section.

All I would add is to make sure you are not just taking the related symptomology into account when you are forming your diagnosis. The diagnosis is based on the whole person, not just related symptoms. So for most practitioners the persons main complaint(s), the tongue, the pulse are primary but you also have to take into account all aspects of their health and lifestyle. What this will do is give you the extra information to make the appropriate diagnosis clearer when you see conflicting information in the most related signs and main complaint.

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comment by "archived-user"
on Dec 2009

Du14 is for sedate body heat, if she like heat you should not use this point, and you should use some ashi points with heat lamp, if she like pressure you should use tonify Tuina techniques after acupuncture, or let her slowly try to practise turn neck everyday (like flat turn door axis) not bent neck.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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