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Treating addictions ( tobacco ) (12/2021)

Hi Chad I wanted to know the degree of efficiency of acupuncture in the treatment of addictions ( tobacco ) . Is acupuncture sufficient or do we need to add botanical medicine ( herbal medicine ) to it ? As...

Neck pain worsened after treatment (12/2021)

Patient: Female, 47 yComplaint: neck pain, shoulder pain going to the right arm following large intestine channelSymptoms: The patient presented a Yang attitude in generaland told me she had pain before her menstruation. Except from that no other symptomsTongue: Red,...

Ulcerative Colitis (12/2021)

Hi Chad I'm currently treating a patient for chronic Ulcerative Colitis. He's very irritable, nervous, has diarrea 4 to 5 times a day , it's semi liquid. He has a burning sensation when going to the toilet. He has temporal...

Back pain following car accident (12/2021)

Hello Patient: 27 yo female Complaint: Has had a car accident nearly 1 year ago. First symptom was an impossibility to turn the head. She now has back pain, shoulder area and strong contractures on UB meridian, between UB 14...

Difficult Case (....for me ) (12/2021)

Hello Would nee some help for this :-) Patient: 49 Old Female Complaint: Hypertension and psoriasis Pulse: Deep and slow on the right, deep and full on the left Tongue: Pale, dry, 2 transversal "cracks" on the lung area, traces...

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Treating addictions ( tobacco ) (2/2010)

How many sessions do you think are needed ? Should web start up with a 10 sessions cycle and the see ? Thx

Treating addictions ( tobacco ) (2/2010)

Ok Chad, I will give it a try and get back to you in a few weeks for some feeback.Thanks for you message and your help. Ted.

Neck pain worsened after treatment (2/2008)

Hello Everyone, Kenji, when I was talking about Qi Deficiency I thougt of te LI channel, since it's aggravated by work. Sure there was a Qi stagnation, on GB 20 and 21 since aggravated by pressure. I didn't explain it...

Ulcerative Colitis (2/2008)

Chad, Would like to thank you for always dedicating yourself to this forum, for the precious help.Have a nice day, Tiburon

Difficult Case (....for me ) (12/2007)

Hello DeiThanks for that reply, here's some more detailed information.The patient doesn't show any signs of yin depletion ( no red tongue, no totally empty puls etc..), no signs of liver yang rising. Talking about kindey she does have a...

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